7 Best Monitoring Software for Remote Workers

8 Dec, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

Find out which software will make your remote work experience more engaging and secure.


The pandemic forced many people into work-from-home conditions, and businesses used employee data to monitor their workers. According to a recent PwC survey, 83% of employers believe that their organisation has benefited from the transition to remote work.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, according to Business Today, views expressed by workers surveyed globally, most would prefer to work anywhere 23%, remotely 29% of the time, or in a blended work environment 25% of the time.

Almost everything remote workers do online may be accessed, and monitoring software makes it simple to gather and analyse that data. Employer monitoring software or productivity tracker provides managers and business owners with essential information data about how staff members use their time at work.

The employee monitoring tools can record screenshots of user behaviour, ban websites and apps, track online browsing and app usage, and generate analytical reports.

How do I monitor my employees working remotely? It becomes a question that is frequently asked by managers and business owners today. So, here is the monitoring software for remote workers that you can learn before you decide to choose one of them.

Software for monitoring employees

1. VirtualSpace

VirtualSpace works best for task management and team collaboration. It is a project management tool that helps the remote team do the task process, better communication, cross-functional collaboration, and team asynchronous and synchronous collaboration.

Remote teams can easily communicate with the team via chat features, and update the project report status of their tasks in one place. The project report can be quickly reviewed by managers who assign the team's progress report anytime.

This tool is a great solution for remote teams around the world to do remote project management, collaborate, and increase productivity. VirtualSpace platform is available via iOS and Android.

2. Teramind

Teramind automates the detection and prevention of insider threats and data leaks via user behaviour tracking. The software enables real-time monitoring and recording of the employee, remote user, and outside contractor actions on and off-site. Its price starts from $10 per user per month.

It offers robust monitoring tools, which you can keep tabs on practically any user activity, including what they do on websites, apps, emails, instant messages, social media, printers, networks, and more. By allowing administrators to set up rules to alert, block, log out, redirect, or lock out any user based on their behaviour, the program also protects against insider threats.

To stop data breaches, Teramind offers capabilities including rule-based risk analysis, remote desktop management, IT forensics, automatic alarms, and behaviour-shaping assistance.

It also allows managers to restrict access to websites that may contain malware, USB drives, unauthorised hardware, and social networking platforms. Platform supported by web, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

3. ActivTrak

ActivTrak, an affordable and user-friendly employee productivity tracking tool, is best suited for SMBs, particularly those overseeing a remote team. Its price starts from $10 per user per month.

It uses those native capabilities, particularly those in the analytics field, to interact with hundreds of different platforms, including starter templates that sync with the various Google Cloud, Microsoft, and Salesforce suite ecosystems.

ActivTrak encourages better work habits and puts an end to burnout. Utilise visibility into important productivity, employee engagement, and efficiency measures to identify who is succeeding and failing.

Find out how employees work, remove bottlenecks, and streamline procedures while ensuring protocols are in place and monitored for consistency. It can see insight in only a few minutes. Platform supported by web, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

4. InterGuard

InterGuard is a simple employee monitoring, attendance, and time-tracking program that operates directly from an employee's endpoint device, such as a PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, or virtual server. Its price starts from $25 per user per month.

Some features in InterGuard such as Track Logins and Logoffs ensure that workers complete their entire shift. Find out who is early and who is late. Track Active and Idle Time, gain insight into each team member's activity levels and, if desired, take screenshots to observe work in progress.

Further, Measure productivity, it will compare the amount of active time spent on personal versus work-related things. Platform supported by web, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

5. BambooHR

A piece of HR software for small and medium-sized organisations is BambooHR. An applicant tracking system (ATS), electronic signatures for onboarding, automated time-off tracking, and creative performance management are just a few features that BambooHR's cloud-based solution offers.

This frees up HR managers' time to focus on other important tasks. CEOs receive accurate, timely information, and staff members can self-service their vacation requests using a practical mobile app.

BambooHR platform supported by web, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a productivity and time-tracking software. It is perfect for SMBs, consultants, and freelancers as well as remote and field support teams.

You can have as many teams or projects as you like, and each one of them can be a separate project that belongs to the same account. Additionally, different staff members may have various settings and permissions.

Hubstaff has features like screenshots, activity monitoring, automated payroll, detailed reporting, real-time tracking, and GPS. capabilities for both offline and online tracking. Additionally offered for iOS, Windows, Linux, and Apple. It integrates 30+ well-known applications, including PayPal, Trello, Asana, and Slack.

Further, Hubstaff's price starts from $7 per user per month. Platform supported by web, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

7. Time Doctor

Time Doctor offers in-depth data on how time is used during the workday. View the websites and programs used while working, together with screenshots of the computer screen taken every few minutes.

A breakdown of the amount of time spent on each project, client, or job is provided by Time Doctor in addition to tracking the total time worked by each member of your team.

The time monitoring information is up to the second accurate, allowing you to see where time is spent and confirm it. This information can be used to accurately record employee payments or to bill clients.

Time Doctor’s price starts from $7 per month. Platform supported by web, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

Wrapping up

You can monitor and track your team’s productivity to prevent missed deadlines and failed achievements. Tracking team productivity is a way to know how your team is spending their time at work and make data-based decisions to improve their productivity.

Team performance benefits greatly from striking the right balance between employee privacy and productivity. Stay within your authority and communicate openly with your team members. Using monitoring software can help you to monitor and track your team's performance easily.

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