7 Hard Skills and Soft Skills Project Managers Must Have

4 Jul, 2022 | Read in 6 minutes

The best way to develop the hard and soft skills of becoming a PM is to practice them daily. Apply the 14 skills above to become a better project manager.


As a project manager, you are responsible for overseeing all aspects of a project, from its inception to its completion. This role requires a wide range of project management skills, starting from initiation and planning to managing a project is the project manager's responsibility.

Initiating and supervising a project requires a lot of skills. A project manager must have adequate hard and soft skills to manage a team and a project. So if you want to become a project manager, here are some skills you need to learn.

7 Hard Skills That Project Managers Should Have

Hard skills are commonly related to technical skills. These include skills that can be learned and trained gradually through certification or workshops. According to The Balance Careers, hard skills are an essential component that you must have when working.

In project management, hard skills are a critical aspect that a project manager should have. These skills are often referred to as technical skills because they contain knowledge about the process of planning, scheduling, managing, developing and closing projects.

1. Project Management Methodologies

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Project Management Methodologies is a series of valuable processes for completing projects. The methodology contains the structure, standardisation and ways to run the project.

Knowledge of various project management methods is an important point. You don't have to be an expert in every method, but you do need to know an outline of the various techniques. There are several project management methodologies but Agile and Scrum are the most familiar to the industries.

2. Team Management