9 Signs of a Good Company Culture

23 Dec, 2022 | Read in 4 minutes

In these uncertain times, it’s important to know what you would be working for and with. Read about the 9 signs of a good company culture here.


Whether you are newly joining as your dream role or you’ve been working for years in a company, you may notice how the company culture works. Moreover, you may see how corporate culture shapes the people who are involved.

Company culture is a part of top priorities when you’re looking for development, or leveraging your business. However, a great company culture seems challenging to define. We know that each company has a unique culture for its employees, industry, and of course values.

According to a PwC worldwide survey of 3,200 workers from more than 40 countries, strong cultures lead to greater business outcomes. In fact, the vast majority (69%) of senior leaders say that culture had a significant role in their success during the pandemic.

More than two-thirds of respondents stated that their company's culture goals in the success of change initiatives during a year that need significant adjustments for businesses all around the world.

Similarly, nearly 70% of respondents who claimed their organisations had been able to adapt in the previous year also said their organisation's culture had provided a source of competitive advantage.

Most survey participants (67%) generally agreed that culture is more significant than strategy or operations. They also concurred that collaboration, digitalization, health and safety, and recruitment and retention should be the main cultural goals.

Hence, here are the signs of great company culture you need to know.

Signs of Great Company Culture

1. Strong direction

Good company culture can be seen by the strong direction they have. Strong direction includes vision, mission, values, and clear goals from the leaders. Also, the company enables the team to participate and clarify the company’s path.

Further, see the evaluation of the work. Good corporate culture has a measure of what matters or something in detail. For example, the paid bonus, the outcomes of work, etc.

2. Great leadership

Leadership shows clear signs of company culture. Because leadership is the way the team interacts and drives results. You can see how your leader shows kind behaviour and values, leads a team, delivers goals, etc.

3. Good company reputation

You can see how great the company's culture is by reviewing its reputation from an external view. Reviewing the corporate culture shows you how they treat the team and maintain their goals and target audience. Good company culture will always have a good reputation from an external view. Because they deliver their values and respond to people effectively.

4. Right decision-making process

You can see how the company is led by its rules, practices, and processes. There can be enough rules to make things effective, but not too many that can become restrictive ideally.

See how the culture finds the challenge to complete tasks correctly the first time. Does the company allow its team to participate in decision-making? The processes that encourage team performance, doing things correctly, and preventing inaction in pursuit of perfection can make the cultures good enough.

5. Effective problem solving

Good company culture doesn’t always mean that there’s no conflict at all. However, great company culture will allow new ideas, and disagreements to manage conflict well.

It indicates that the company is open to different opinions and wants the best problem-solving. Different opinions can create respect for each other and of course, create good company culture.

6. Good network and development

Good company culture will encourage development in your learning, personal development, and also your networking. You can see how the company has learning programs available for employees.

Further, see how the company linked the learning to all aspects of its business practices. Good culture also allows you to seek advice and support. You also can develop your social network. For example, a mentor or community to share information and input.

7. Team diversity

It's important to observe when you’re seeking a cultural fit in a company. You must consider the level of team diversity in the workplace, starting from the backgrounds, orientations, and skills.

More diversity in both people and ideas makes culture stronger. You can also see the people who contribute their unique skills rather than being defensive and feeling to prove themselves.

8. High productivity

You can see how the task is completed and whether a variety of tasks may be supported by the team. See how the team works together. Effective collaboration results in high productivity to complete tasks and achieve goals. That’s why high productivity always creates a good company culture environment.

9. Effective communication

You can see how the company interacts with the employees, provides data, initiates conversations, and promotes employee voice, which is referred to as its effective communication in every project. Additionally, communication culture shapes how staff members interact with one another as well as how supervisors interact with their teams.

Good company culture can be seen from its communication, including leadership, management communication, internal and external communication, conflict communication, etc.

Wrapping up

Building good company culture can be challenging. Moreover, good company culture impacts your personal growth as well as your career growth and social networking.

To understand whether your company has a good culture or not, you can start reviewing the company, how the company treats the team and maintain its goals and target audience. Good company culture will always have a good reputation from an external view because the company delivers its values and respond to people effectively.

Further, the processes that encourage team performance, doing things correctly, and preventing inaction in pursuit of perfection can result in a good culture.  Also, effective collaboration and communication to complete the task and achieve goals create a good company culture.

If your company has these all signs, congratulations you’re in a good company culture! However, you can also seek a company that has a good culture for you. Keep in mind that great company culture is always growing as well as your team's growth.

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