How VirtualSpace Revolutionises the Way of Digital Communication

12 Jan, 2023 | Read in 5 minutes

Find out how VirtualSpace is changing the game of digital communication for remote teams and businesses.


Digital communication has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. With the rise of remote work and virtual teams, the need for effective digital communication tools has never been greater. 

VirtualSpace is one such tool that is revolutionising the way we communicate and collaborate in the digital age. But before going there, let's talk about the definition of digital communication, why it is important, and examples of digital communication.

What is Digital Communication?

According to GovOS, digital communication refers to the exchange of information and ideas through digital channels such as the Internet, email, social media, messaging apps, and other forms of digital technology. 

It involves the use of digital devices and platforms to convey messages, share information and collaborate with others. Digital communication has greatly expanded how we interact, connect and exchange information.

Some examples of digital communication include:

  • Emailing
  • Texting
  • Instant messaging
  • Social media messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Voice calls over the Internet (VoIP)
  • Online forums and discussion boards

It has made it possible for people to communicate and collaborate with others regardless of their location and has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of communication. Additionally, digital communication has also opened up new opportunities for businesses and organisations, such as online marketing, e-commerce, and remote work.

Why is Digital Communication important?

Giselle Alaniz, Global Partner Success Evangelist from Microsoft, shared her opinion about the importance of digital communication. She said that digital communication has become an essential part of our daily lives and is now considered a necessity due to its versatility, speed, and practicality.

With the use of digital communication tools, it is now possible to instantly connect with people from anywhere around the world. This type of communication helps us stay in touch with friends and family. It is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity.

With more than 3 billion people using the internet every day, it's clear that digital communication is widely used and has completely changed the way we connect with others. This is evident in the fact that without digital communication, we would still be sending letters through the mail. 

The ease and speed of digital communication are also demonstrated in simple everyday actions such as texting or calling for emergency assistance. It's much faster and more convenient than using a pay phone.

Examples of Digital Communication

There are six common examples of digital communication, namely:

1. Email

Email is one of the most widely used forms of digital communication. It allows users to send messages and attachments, such as documents, images and videos, to one or multiple recipients via the Internet. It is widely used in both personal and professional contexts, and it allows for fast and efficient communication.

2. Instant Messaging (IM)

Instant messaging is a real-time communication tool that allows users to send and receive text messages in an online chat format. It is often used for personal and professional communication, and it allows for fast and efficient communication.

Examples of instant messaging platforms include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack.

3. Social Media

Social media platforms allow users to create profiles, share content, and interact with others. It is widely used for personal and professional communication. Examples of social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing lets users communicate and collaborate in real-time using video and audio. Examples of video conferencing platforms include Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet.

5. Voice calls over the Internet (VoIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables users to make phone calls over the Internet, instead of using traditional telephone lines. Examples of VoIP platforms include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack.

6. Online forums and discussion boards

Online forums and discussion boards are digital platforms that let users post messages, share information, and interact with others on a specific topic or interest. They are often used for community building and information sharing, and they can be moderated or unmoderated. Examples of online forums and discussion boards include Reddit, Quora, and LinkedIn groups.

VirtualSpace changes the way of Digital Communication

As technology advances, the way we communicate digitally is constantly evolving.

One of the newest and most innovative tools in digital communication is VirtualSpace. This SaaS product offers a wide range of features that make it an ideal digital communication tool for remote teams.

Team Collaboration

One of the key features of VirtualSpace is its Chat functionality. The chat feature allows team members to communicate in real time, making it easy to stay in touch and get things done quickly. 

Additionally, a project management tool using VirtualSpace offers features that include project management, file sharing, task management, and integration with other tools such as Calendar, GitHub, etc.

Business Communication

VirtualSpace Chat also improves communication and collaboration within businesses and organisations. It can speed up decision-making and project completion, even if they are not in the same location. 

In addition, VirtualSpace comes with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, making it accessible for team members of all skill levels.

This can help to increase the adoption and usage of the platform within a business, leading to improved business communication and collaboration. Its Kanban board feature makes it easy for users to share, assign, and set projects for team collaboration.

Security and Privacy

Furthermore, VirtualSpace offers a range of security and privacy features to ensure that communication and data are kept secure. It can set access controls and permissions for different team members. This can provide peace of mind for businesses and organisations when it comes to sensitive information and data.


As technology continues to advance, digital communication will continue to play a vital role in both personal and professional contexts, making it an essential tool for staying connected and productive in today's digital age.

With the wide range of digital communication tools and platforms available, it is now possible to instantly connect with people from anywhere around the world, making communication faster and more efficient.

VirtualSpace is a powerful digital communication tool that can revolutionise the way we work. Its features and functionality can streamline communication and improve productivity. Try it now!


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