10 Simple Guides on How to Be Productive at Work

27 Jun, 2022 | Read in 6 minutes

There are many factors that will reduce your productivity at work. Eliminate those things by following these 10 simple steps to increase your productivity at work!


89% of people admit to spending much time at work daily. However, not all working days have to be filled with productive activities. We may have experienced situations where work is still piling up and many unfinished meetings. So there is no other choice but overtime. At times like this, we need extra motivation to finish it. Do you feel the same?

If the answer is yes, some simple ways might help make your days more productive at the office. There's no guarantee that these 10 ways will stop you from working overtime, but they guarantee you to be using your time effectively. So, it is never wrong to try, right?

Prepare your dress the night before

A productive day at work starts the night before. Choose the dress you will wear to work tomorrow. Choose your favourite dress to boost your mood when using them. Trust me, and this little preparation will make your tomorrow more wonderful.

Use an iron to straighten the dress. Spray your favourite perfume on the clothing. When you wake up the following day, you don't have to spend your time choosing clothes anymore.

Go to bed early

Sleep is the best power to start a productive day the next day. Lack of sleep at night will reduce your productive ability. Good sleep and avoiding staying late are the main tips for being productive.

Getting enough sleep will make you more focused. Otherwise, when you are sleep-deprived, you will find it more challenging to focus and have difficulty working efficiently. Some effective tips on Google say to get up early to start the day. To wake up in the morning, you have to go to bed earlier.

So try to go to bed early. Prepare your body for a productive day tomorrow!

Do your morning routine

Morning activity is one of the determinants of mood before starting to catch up with work. You feel it, too, right?

Some successful people in the world also do a morning routine. They deliberately wake up early and set aside time to do morning activities. Successful people who have a habit of doing a morning routine include:

  • Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter wakes up at 5:30 AM to meditate and jog 6 miles every day.
  • Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, wakes up at 4:30 AM to walk his dog and make coffee for his wife.
  • Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, starts his day by working out at the gym at 4:30 AM.

There are no standard rules for creating a morning routine. You can adjust your morning routine according to your needs. Don't forget to include breakfast with your favourite food or drink your favourite coffee.

Organise your day

source: Pexels

The easiest way to organise tasks is to create a to-do list. Through a to-do list, you will rarely miss a task. To-do lists also make it easier to see how much work you have to do today.

Besides maximising weekday productivity, to-do lists also help you create free time. It seems impossible to get an extended free time on a weekday unless you schedule it.

If your to-do list is connected to a coworker (via a calendar or other application), your co-workers can see your schedule for today. But remember, making a to-do list won't increase productivity if you don't do what’s on it.

Arrive on time or a little early

Have you ever been the first person at the office? What do you feel? Calm and fun, right? You have successfully entered two steps to be more productive; come early and improve your mood.

For those who prefer an office atmosphere over a home, try to come early. Feel the office atmosphere when it is not filled with other employees.

A survey conducted by Nationwide said that 63% of creative workers are more productive in the morning. So take advantage of the morning atmosphere at the office, before some co-workers come, to do things that require creativity. Or you can also use your morning time to review the to-do list that you have made.

Make your priority

Do you feel that your days are full of unfinished work? You think you work every day, but the work keeps growing and doesn't get done. So, if you feel that one solution is to make a priority list.

Making a priority list is based on two things: the value of importance and urgency (time). These two things are the basis for when the activity begins. Use the formula Eisenhower Matrix to create a priority list.

source: Eisenhower

The Eisenhower Matrix uses the principle of importance and urgency. Activities that are important and urgent will be the top priority.

  • Do First: activities that are important and urgent.
  • Schedule: activities that are important but not urgent.
  • Delegate: activities that are urgent but not very important.
  • Don't do: works that are not urgent and not important.

Set the tone of your workspace

A simple trick to increase productivity is to tidy up the workplace. It's hard to start focusing on work when the workspace is messy. Before starting work, tidy up your workplace first.

In addition, choose the workspace that you like the most. It doesn't matter if it's a room in a small corner or a simple table. When you are comfortable, you will be more productive. Choose some cute furniture to place in your workspace. It may be simple, but making yourself comfortable at work will increase productivity.

Reflect on the past day

The past is not always bad. Some things can be learned from the past. This also applies to the work you do. Reflect on your past failures and accomplishments. Think about how you've survived this far, what steps you've taken and how you can improve yourself.

This self-reflection will train you to accept your strengths and weaknesses. Through this reflection, you will know which parts need improvement, so you can schedule appropriate self-development exercises.

Don't miss your coffee break


A busy and congested office environment makes it easy to put your mind and moon in a bad state. It can be a creative block, burnout or things that are not following our predictions. If you already feel the atmosphere, it's time for you to rest for a while.

Go to the office pantry or to the nearest supermarket to get caffeine and sugar intake. Or, for a moment looking at road traffic can relieve your stress level. You can also joke with your co-workers (who are not busy) to make you more relaxed.

Don't worry. Taking a short break won't break your production chain. It will freshen you up.

Cut the Distraction

Ringing cell phones, email notifications that don't stop, or social media can be distracting. Scrolling through social media can be a waste of time. And when you realise, you have spent a lot of time on your screen. Then, you’ll start wondering about what you have done.

Be willing to separate yourself from these various distractions. You need to cut those distractions. Thus, you can manage your time well to finish your work.


Various distractions and an inadequate office environment may cause a lack of productivity in employees. Not to mention the coworkers who don't fit with us. Remembering those things causes a sudden bad mood when we wake up in the morning.

Try these 10 simple steps to change your productivity level at work. Having a cutting-edge tool will also help you to manage tasks and increase your productivity. Ready to change?

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