10 Ways to Stay Organized and Get Life Balance

30 May, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

Making a balanced and organized life can not be instant. It takes an effort starting from changing habits for the better. VirtualSpace helps you stay organized every time.


Achieving a life balance does not just happen. There are several processes that you must do continuously. A habit that you will do every day at the same time. Life balance exists because you strive to achieve it. The key to achieving life balance is staying organized in work or personal life.


Now the question is how to stay organized?

You can start with small things in your life, such as planning something, taking notes, and even beginning to sleep regularly every day. At first, it was difficult because you are not used to it, but keep doing it. Don't worry. There are no results that betray the effort.

So, let's start with ten things to make your life more organized.


Make the Bed

Start the day from your bed. Not just lying down while scrolling through social media, but starting by making your bed. Tidy up blankets, pillows, and bed linen. A tidy bed will give your body a signal that you are ready to start the day. You are ready to do positive things today.


Don't forget to drink enough water to keep your body well hydrated. Play uplifting and fun music to start the day. Don't forget to try yep!


Write Things Down and Journaling

The best thing you can do after making your bed is start journaling. Journaling will help you control your thoughts and emotions. The following are the benefits of journaling:

  • To relieve anxiety
  • To regulate emotions because things are out of control
  • To reduce overthinking
  • To practice honesty with yourself


Write down your current state and what motivates you. Make it as attractive and as aesthetic as possible so that you are excited to read it. Some people find it helpful to use sticky notes to understand things efficiently and quickly. After finishing with your own business (re: journaling), now is the time to take care of things related to other people, such as work.


A to-do list is an answer to the problem of not being able to work productively and regularly. Make a to-do list that contains a list of tasks that you must complete. Divide it into several priorities to know which one you must do first. Here are tips for dividing priorities:

  • Group into individual tasks and collaboration tasks
  • Divide into four parts, namely urgently important, important not urgent, urgent and not necessary, and not important and urgent


It is essential to remember each to-do list every day. Therefore, there are many tools out there to help you create a to-do list and stay organized every day.


Do It Now

Life sometimes feels like a game. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. It all depends on how we react to the incident. But did you know that procrastination is the most significant factor that makes us lose? So avoid procrastination. Delayed work due to laziness will affect other jobs. So, do it now, or you lose!


Finish One Task Before Moving On to The Next

Multitasking is not always good. It could be that you will lose focus and forget that there is unfinished work. For example, when you are focused on working in front of your laptop, you remember that you haven't washed your clothes. You leave your laptop and start doing the laundry. When washing clothes, your mind will be disturbed due to unfinished work. Hey, who's like that too? Please start now, stop.


Complete one job first and then move on to another. So, This will make you feel relaxed and reduce unwanted clutter. Try it!


Calendar is a Key

Having an app that integrates directly with the calendar on your phone is vital. Write birthdays, important events, and meetings through the application. Add event details, starting from the dress code and who is involved. The calendar is the primary key for the forgetful. We are sure you will agree with this point. Enjoy your relaxing day while still getting updated with upcoming events or activities through your calendar notification.



One of the healing trends for GenZ and millennials this year is to declutter. Find time each week to tidy up your things. Create a new atmosphere every time you tidy up your items.


This process will indirectly make you more organized. You will also realize how much stuff you have. When tidying things up, you can choose which items you still use and which ones you should also say goodbye to.


Keep Only You Need

The next step of decluttering is to save what is needed. Try to be more minimalist so that life will be easier. Use the things you need. Keep in mind that you only have one body, so you can't possibly wear all your stuff.


You can list the things you need. If you currently have too many items on your list, it's time to choose and organize. Choose the right one for you!


Get Everything A Home

Do you often lose something? Often confused looking for a file? You need a house. A home for everything you own. For example:

  • Create a specific folder for important work files
  • Store make-up after use
  • Putting the gym clothes back in the closet

When everything has a home, you don't need to be confused about looking for your things anymore.


Sleep Well

Being organized but still productive doesn't mean not sleeping. Getting enough sleep is an essential factor in maintaining balance in life. Shhh... What is the relationship between sleep and life balance?


So, let us tell you a drama about this employee. Employees are too productive, so they often stay late to finish work. When he worked, he felt on fire. But the next day, he looked lethargic and sleepy. The reason is not getting enough sleep so work will be chaotic.


You Control Your Life

Whatever application or electronic device you use, remember that only you can control it. Make the app work for you.


Control yourself to be more efficient in using applications or electronic devices. Remember that you don't have to look at social media every 5 minutes, check email every 5 minutes, or hold your cell phone every 5 minutes. You do not have to.


You also don't have to check the meeting schedule every time nor check your to-do list every 5 minutes. Let the apps and your phone do the work. Let them naturally remind you of meetings and do things. Just let it flow!



Now you realize that making a balanced and organized life can not be instant. It takes an effort starting from changing habits for the better. Now there are many tools that you can use to help you stay organized. VirtualSpace ensures you maintain an organized and productive life from small things. From taking notes to managing your work, you will get all things done at the top of your finger. Having an advanced tool like this by your side makes life more organized. Install now to live an organized life you’ve ever dreamt of!

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