4 Ways to Build an Effective Morning Routine for Remote Teams

27 Nov, 2022 | Read in 6 minutes

How to build effective morning routines: 1. Mentally • 2. Spiritually • 3. Physically • 4. Emotionally


Being able to work remotely, it's very crucial to have a fun morning ritual. How you start the day is one of the determinants of your mood throughout the day. That's why creating the day with a morning routine is essential for remote workers. Sometimes, it's hard to organise important tasks. In such cases, you can use free task management software to prioritise your daily activities.

Then how to build an effective morning routine?

Several YouTube channels have effectively raised the topic of the morning routine, such as the 8 AM Morning Routine for Work and My 5.30 AM Morning Routine. They tucked in some tips on how to start the day productively. Videos look motivating to watch but are hard to do. However, do you realize that you missed fundamental parts of the video? Namely the reasons for doing a morning routine and building habits. Without these two points, your morning ritual might only last two days.

The Importance of Morning Routine

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The author of "The Miracle Morning", Hal Elrod, once said:

"Focused, productive, successful mornings generate focused, productive, successful days - which inevitably create a successful life."

A good morning routine can increase happiness and productivity. Of course, everyone has a different morning routine. Some people start their activities at 5 AM, and some start at 8 AM. There is nothing wrong because each individual builds the morning routine. Erin Engle, PsyD, also said that a morning routine with a typical wake time, a healthy breakfast, and some exercise is a great place to start. Even Arianna Huffington has a morning routine. A journal from the American Physiological Society says that the brain is most active and creative after waking up.

Finally, a morning routine is a magic jack that can lift your spirits. The morning ritual indicates that you are ready to start the day. You are ready to welcome every activity with confidence. You control the day!

How to Get Started?

There is no definitive guide on how to create the perfect morning routine. However, there are some tips that you can do before building a morning routine. These tips will help make the sacred ritual a success in the morning.

1. Find Your Big Why

We all know that getting into the habit of the morning routine is hard. You need to get up early while some people are still sleeping. You need magic to overcome this hard feeling, which is a reasonable reason.

So, you have to know why you did it. When you have no reason to start a morning routine, you will be stressed, exhausted, and give up easily. The right reasons make getting up early in the morning easier.

First, determine what you want to achieve in your morning routine. For example, you want to breathe fresh air and be able to cook breakfast. Then ask yourself, why do you want that? 

2. Starting from Small Things, but Do It Consistently

Always start the habit of small things that are done continuously. A quote from Atomic Habits says, "Changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you're willing to stick with them for years."

For example, if you want to wake up earlier than 8 AM, don't set the alarm to 5 AM right away. Start at 7.30 AM. Once consistent, move to an earlier hour.

3. Create a Supportive Atmosphere

After reading this article, you may feel very motivated. But will that motivation last for the next five days? We all know the answer. It would be best to create an atmosphere supporting your morning routine so your body recognizes this as a signal. 

For example:

  • Putting shoes and sports clothes in a place that is easy to see when you wake up.
  • Prepare ingredients for cooking breakfast on the front shelf of the refrigerator or ingredient storage.

4 Ways to Build an Effective Morning Routine for Remote Teams

Photo by: Pexels

Do you know what makes your morning routine a success? Now it's time to build an effective morning routine. You can apply this method to everyone, not just remote teams. So, let's get on the list!

1. Mentally

Create a morning routine that relates to your thoughts and beliefs in yourself. Make a space for your mind to be better every day. Here are some things that can build a positive mentality in the morning:

  • Make a Schedule for Today
    A busy and tiring day can be overcome with a great schedule. Start writing down what you have to do today. This activity will help you to do all the tasks without falling behind.
  • Reading
    The mind also needs nutrition. One of the nutrients for the mind is reading. Start feeding your mind every morning. You can schedule 10 minutes each day to take meaningful knowledge into reading.

2. Spiritually

Don't skip spiritual activities in your morning routine. It can be in the form of things related to religion and inner stability. Example of a morning routine related to spirituality:

  • Meditation
    Meditation will bring peace. Meditation can train the stress that fills the mind to become clearer. It seems easy, but many people fail to meditate because their minds are too busy.
  • Be in Nature
    Find a place to walk or sit and just be. Feel the wind gently caress your face and you. Feel that you are connected to the universe. Calmness and physical needs will be met in one go!

3. Physically

You also need to train in the morning. Add simple physical exercises to your morning routine. Your body also needs to be cared for so that it stays healthy. Take 15 - 45 minutes every morning for physical activity.

  • Light Exercise
    Everyone knows the benefits of exercise. So why is there still a reason not to do it? Maybe a morning jog around the village, yoga, or cycling. Do it slowly and consistently so it is not too heavy. Don't force yourself to do strenuous exercise. Listen to your body. Only you know what you need.
  • Healthy Breakfast
    Start the morning with a healthy breakfast. Give the best for your body. A healthy and not excessive breakfast will help give you the energy to get through the day. You won't be sleepy after breakfast.
  • Clean Your Bedroom/Workspace
    A messy workspace and bedroom are often associated with a chaotic mind too. That's why, after waking up, make your bed.

4. Emotionally

The morning routine should contain things related to feelings and emotions. Good emotions will create a good mood. Here are some examples of morning routines related to the emotional space:

  • Journaling
    Journaling is different from writing a status on Twitter or Instagram. Journaling specifically for yourself to instil gratitude about the good things that have happened. Write down in your journal the things you are grateful for. Your life will be more meaningful.
  • Interacting with family or loved ones
    Increasing levels of oxytocin and serotonin in the body is a shortcut to always being happy throughout the day. Don't miss interacting with your family or loved ones. Just a hug or catching up by video call will be okay.

Key Takeaways

Now is the time to build a routine that works best for you. Remember that every small change is still a chance. A few closing tips:

  1. Start your morning routine the night before
  2. Do a test to see which morning routine works best for you
  3. Set a reminder and integrate it with the Calendar
  4. Use free task management software such as VirtualSpace to help you prioritise.

Being at home for work is not the right time to skip the morning routine. So, start changing from within.

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