5 Best Activities to Build Teamwork for Remote Teams

20 Jun, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

Building remote teamwork can be a challenging thing to maintain a strong personal and professional relationships online. You can implement these activities to build your remote teamwork.


Building remote teamwork can be a challenging thing to maintain a strong personal and professional relationships online. It's one thing to build trust and friendship between employees by having all employees work in the same building as when working from the office.

But if many people and companies shift to work remotely and rarely meet right now, it needs to give a different approach to building remote teamwork. We will discuss how to do remote teamwork building. Let's check the benefits of remote team building below.

The Benefits of Remote Team Building

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Working remotely becomes popular and can increase the effectiveness of teamwork because they can choose flexible time work and can work from anywhere.

But remote work can have some negative impacts on the team as a whole and personally if it's not well maintained. Moreover, there are some distractions that can be experienced by each employee depending on their conditions.

So it's important to build cohesiveness in the team. 

1. Build trust

According to a Harvard study, 50% of employees have higher productivity, 40% less burnout, 74% less stress, and 76% more engagement in high-trust companies.

It indicates that building trust can be hard enough in person, especially in today's remote high-collaboration environment. Relationship conflict in the workplace became one of the challenges workers face during Covid-19.

So it’s important to build trust and interaction to know each other. Moreover, building a sense of teamwork in the workplace is also important to do.

2. Improve problem-solving

Even if there’s a complex project to do or the team members want to get better when facing daily challenges in the workplace, your team can achieve more when they have the ability to solve the problems.

According to mindtools, developing problem-solving skills can improve the ability to face complex situations. Great problem-solving skills can help your team to make decisions that are good to achieve your team goals.

3. Increase work effectiveness

Good coordination between employees creates work effectiveness. Work effectiveness increases productivity. Higher productivity leads to the company’s goal achievement.

4. Reduce stress

Stress can also hit workers who work remotely. Pressure due to work and personal problems can have an impact on increasing employee stress. Moments of virtual team-building activities can reduce the stress experienced by workers. So this has an impact on the mental health of the team.

Moreover, get to know building remote team activities below.

How to build teamwork with a remote team

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Building remote teamwork can be a long journey. You need consistency and creativity more than just setting up games to make strong teamwork. Investing in great teamwork can represent a great company culture.

Here are the activities you can try to build teamwork for remote teams.

1. Set goals

Establishing teamwork goals and strategies in advance can serve to minimize miscommunication or misunderstandings between remote team members. Every remote employee must know and understand the schedule of activities in the work environment. Setting goals in detail can build strong cooperation and teamwork in the virtual workplace.

2. Take the advantage of technology

Technology can make it easier for remote workers to work effectively. This is why technology has become a very powerful tool for the team to work remotely.

As we know that technological developments have existed on various social platforms. For example, Email, Facebook, Whatsapp, chat rooms that can make video calls wherever and whenever we want, and so on.

Moreover, remote teams need to use project management tools to manage the projects they are working on easily.

3. Make a small talk

Working remotely can make the employees don’t have time to make small talk with their environment. Remote teamwork should make time for small talk even not in group meetings. 

You can initiate to spend time discussing personal things that aren’t related to work updates etc. Ask about their condition, their hobbies, and anything that is comfortable to ask. Small talk can make each other feel a bit personal and more connected as a team.

4. Appreciate team members

Always give thanks to your remote employee. The remote team maybe doesn’t have the same activities as in work at the office, so basic team lunches or coffee breaks don’t exist.

So with the internet connection, it becomes easier to connect with each other through different activities like “Virtual Lunch”. Team members can buy the food or go to the restaurant near their location and connect online for the team’s “Virtual Lunch”.

Besides that, companies can send hampers, care packages, or send gift cards to each team member. Receiving gifts can make each person feel appreciated. The gifts make team members a chance to experience virtual company outing activities.

5. Virtual team-building games

Fun activities besides virtual lunch, happy hours, and so on can give team members focus and get connected easier. You can try virtual team-building games. It sounds fun, right? 

Virtual team-building games can be very helpful for the quieter person on your team. 

To sum up, here are the best virtual team-building games ideas to try:

  1. Kahoot
    This game can be a fun activity and also creates the best opportunities to learn about your remote team members. You can try the quiz format or the themed trivia, and it all can be accessed by pin number, URL, etc.
  2. Virtual Exercise Challenge
    This activity is easy to access using a smartphone. You can set the exercise goal and each team member who does the best can win a prize.
  3. Ice-breaking Games
    There are a lot of ice-breaking games that your remote team can try. Namely Skribbl, Pantoparty Online Charades, Drawize, etc.

You can try those fun games to build teamwork besides another virtual meeting. 

Build remote teamwork with VirtualSpace

Building a remote team can be so challenging for the company and each team member. Because each team member has different distractions. But the more important thing is, if the teamwork fails to build, your remote team will find it hard to achieve the goals. 

Start by making small talk to each remote team member, set the goals, using the technology, and do some virtual team-building activities for fun. It's possible to make great teamwork for your remote team.

You can build remote teamwork starting with communication. Moreover, using project management tools can be the best option to communicate and manage projects for remote teams.

Having major features, VirtualSpace is one of the project management tools that you can try. So you don’t need to make an extra effort to build remote teamwork because this tool allows your team to get connected and set the great teamwork. Install now and build the teamwork of your ideal remote team!

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