6 Benefits and Things You Need To Work From Home

19 May, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

Work from home becomes the new normal nowadays. Here are 6 benefits and thing you need to work from home.


Before the Covid-19 pandemic, many employees had a remote work system. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to the remote work system. Many companies have implemented a work-from-home system since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Work from home is a system where employees in a company can do their work from home. Basically, working from home allows employees to work flexible hours and not be too bound by the 9-5 rule.

A study revealed that 82 percent of respondents admitted that they would rather work from home than return to the office. The trend of working remotely or working from home for the past two years has become the new normal. The study is conducted by SCIKEY, a tech talent job site. This new normal creates new personal habits for employees.

Work from home itself in fact can also help employees to balance their work and their daily lives. Working from home also can make work done faster, more effective, and more efficient. Further studies reveal that 64 percent of employees say they are more productive working from home and it can reduce their stress.

Since working from home has become the new normal and has become the choice of many companies and employees, there are benefits to working from home.

6 Benefits Work from Home for Remote Teams

  1. Flexible
    To avoid boredom because you have to work in front of a laptop every day. Many companies provide office facilities to maximize employee performance. The facilities such as lounges, pantries, gym, etc. In addition, when working from home, employees can work anywhere from home. Whether it's in the living room, working room, dining room, and other areas of the house.
    Employees can measure the level of comfort at work. The most important thing is that when working from home, employees can get the job done on that day. Besides the matter of place, flexibility is also fit when it comes to time.
    One of the advantages of working from home is that you don't have to follow office hours. When you wake up in the morning, you can even open your laptop and start doing the tasks. Or you can start doing the tasks at any time you want.

  2. Save the transportation costs
    You don't have to spend money to pay for transportation or gas costs. This is another advantage of working from home that you can get. You can also save time on the trip to the office. Do you often get stuck in traffic on the road? If so, working from home can reduce the experience of traffic jams on the road. Moreover, by working from home, you can reduce the experience level of stress.

  3. Increase productivity
    Traffic jams and the amount of workload can be the triggers of stress for employees. If you are the type of person who can manage time well, working from home will not be a problem.
    When employees can manage their stress, of course, work productivity will increase. That way, you can get the work done. Using a communication tool while working from home might be a great idea.
    Then you need to avoid working in the bedroom. Because you can feel lazy. Don't forget to take a shower and be well dressed. Listening to your favorite music can boost your mood.

  4. Avoid distractions
    Sometimes there are a lot of distractions that might happen in the workplace. For example, the noise of coworkers, meetings that take time, air conditioners that are too cold, and so on. But when you are working from home, you can create a more comfortable space to work. For example, you can work in the cozy area of the house, with a cup of hot tea and snacks. Or, you can work in the living room with your favorite music to increase concentration.

  5. Work-life balance
    The workload sometimes can force an employee to lose the work-life balance. But with the work from home system, the employee can more easily divide their roles. They have time to focus on office hours. They also have time to focus on their personal life without any burdens. Another advantage of working from home is that you have more free time. Either for me-time or for gathering with family. It's fun, isn't it?

  6. Achieve job satisfaction
    Completing the tasks more quickly and effectively can make employees achieve job satisfaction. Job satisfaction can add value for the employee itself. When they are able to finish the job well today, they will also feel more excited tomorrow. Moreover, job satisfaction can increase productivity and employees' loyalty to the company.

After assessing the benefits of working from home, are you interested in starting work from home? So then what are the things that need to be prepared when working from home?

The things you can prepare when working from home

  1. Laptop or personal computer
    A laptop or personal computer becomes a vital tool when working from home. Make sure that your laptop is ready to use, and that all applications can run properly. So you can complete the tasks easily.

  2. Stable internet connection
    When at work, the internet becomes the essential thing you must prepare for. With a stable internet connection, you can connect with each other. Moreover, a stable internet connection makes you complete the tasks and attend meetings with much less hassle.

  3. Well dressed
    Don't forget to be well dressed while working from home. You can wear comfortable clothes. You can dress the way you want to work in the office so you can feel motivated.

  4. Set a comfortable workspace
    A comfortable workspace is also very important to prepare. It doesn't mean you have to buy fancy kinds of stuff. You can make your work desk tidy, the room lights are enough, and the chairs are also comfortable to sit on.

  5. Drinking water
    Stay hydrated while working from home. You need to drink enough water. By drinking water, you can feel several benefits:

    • Your skin becomes healthier and more beautiful. If you are less hydrated, your skin can irritate and wrinkle.

    • Give oxygen throughout the body.

    • Detox the various toxins in the body.

    • Launch the digestive system because water makes the intestines function.

    • Drinking enough water can help avoid digestive problems, constipation, and even heartburn. It also can maintain blood pressure, and clear the airways.

  6. Collaboration tool
    Many remote workers use collaboration tools to stay productive. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can do collaboration and complete the task anywhere. Collaboration tools are designed to make teamwork easier, wherever team members are. Use cutting-edge tools for team collaboration like VirtualSpace.

Maintaining Your Productivity while WFH using VirtualSpace

Since work from home is the new norm, it shows that virtual collaboration support tools are very important to maintain employee and company productivity. By using a collaboration tool, you can monitor your work progress. As well as stay connected with your team.


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