7 Five-Minute Videos That Will Change Your Mind About Success

3 Jun, 2022 | Read in 6 minutes

It's not easy to change our habits in an instant. So, start learning to be a successful person by taking small steps every day. Make every step counts with VirtualSpace!


Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. - Henry Ford


You can be afraid to fail, but you shouldn't be scared to try because many opportunities exist to start again. Hmm, if you interpret failure as simple as that. Failing doesn't mean the end!


Want to complain a bit? Of course, you can. Want to stop for a bit? Do as you wish. The thing you shouldn't do is complain every day and think that you don't deserve it. You have to realize that being successful is a long process. You need to work hard, go through struggles that are not easy and keep going to get success.


Forbes once wrote in "4 Dirty Little Secrets About Success" that successful people are:

  • Exchanging one pain for another
  • Dare to take risks and accept defeat
  • Successful people get rejected
  • Successful people also want to give up


If you want to be successful, you have to be prepared to get sick, take risks, get rejected, and feel like giving up. So what's the difference with the ordinary ones? Mindset. Successful people's way of thinking seems to have its characteristics. Take a look at some of these videos, and find out what they have in common!


1. Do What You Can’t - Casey Neistat


“To everyone who's ever told anyone with a dream they can't” is a sweet opening sentence to the video by Casey Neistat. This short 3:53 minute video will open your mind that you should ignore other people's limits on you. Let them say, “you can't survive” or “you can't be a content creator because you're not beautiful.” They do not set your boundaries.


Casey says that there is always a way to make what you want as long as you want to try. Keep things simple, and you will find other ways to make your dreams come true.


A favorite quote from this video:

“Keep creating, keep doing the work. And never forget, you don't have to listen to anyone, Because in this new world, no one knows anything.”


2. A Pep Talk From Kid President to You


This 3:28 minute video contains a light monologue from Kid President. But who would have thought this monologue turned out to have meaningful content. Kid President tells us that we are all born to be extraordinary individuals.


The flip side of this video is that teamwork is essential. Kid President tells us that we are all on the same team to make the world more awesome.


“Get a better dream, then keep goin', keep goin' and keep goin'. It's everybody's duty to give the world a reason to dance and create something that will make the world awesome.”


3. Failure vs. Success


“If you never failed, you never lived. Life = risk" is one of the most memorable quotes in this short video. Successful people also experience failure at the beginning. Even in the middle of struggling, successful people can fail. This proves that you and successful people are the same. Both have failed.


The point that makes the difference is the mindset. Successful people don't compare their process to others when they're just starting. Simply, when you've only created a business for five years, don't compare your process to those who have been in business for 20 years.


4. The secret of Success in 8 Words


Richard St. John said, “Success is not a one-way street. Success is a continuous journey.” You are wrong if you think success is a one-way street, where you will find an end and can stop forever. Big no! This thinking is what makes people successful and then fail.


Richard also said that success consists of 8 words:

  • Passion
  • Work
  • Focus
  • Push
  • Ideas
  • Improve
  • Serve
  • Persistent

which you have to repeat without stopping. When you are satisfied and quit, then failure will welcome you happily.


5. Try Something New for 30 days


Want to try a new, positive habit? Try doing it for 30 days. When on day 30, you will find yourself comfortable doing it. You will be surprised that you can do things beyond your expectations the following days. For example, start climbing mountains, camping on the beach, exercising at the gym, or else.


Perhaps you can start with a simple thing, like exercising for 20 minutes every day. Do it for 30 days, and you will manage to get a new habit. You'll feel weird when you don't. Stop focusing on results. Focus on the process. A small continuous process is more important than a significant process but only once.


“What are you waiting for? I guarantee you the next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not. So why not think about something you have always wanted to try and give it a shot for the next 30 days.” - Matt Cutts


6. Weird, or Just Different?


If you have different assumptions, don't think you're funny. You can have different thoughts from other people without being afraid of wrong. There's nothing wrong with being different.


A video with a duration of 3 minutes 12 seconds tells that many things are different in the world but are not wrong. Derek Sivers takes the example of Americans and Japanese asking each other about territory. America does not label an area block, but Japan marks a regional block. Was America wrong? Certainly not. Is Japan bad? definitely not. See, different is not bad and not strange.


“I love that sometimes we need to go to the opposite side of the world to realize assumptions we didn't even know we had, and realize that the opposite of them may also be true.” - Derek Sivers


7. 3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed


“I no longer tried to be right. I choose to be happy.” - Ric Elias.


This video tells how Ric Elias learned from a significant unpleasant incident: his plane crashed. What did he learn?

  • Don't delay when you want to do good things because you don't know what will happen after this second.
  • Try not always to be Mr/Ms. Right. Lower your ego.
  • Don't waste a second chance. Try to be better every day.


So, When to Start?


The question "when to start?" "I'm not ready to change. What should I do?" "How to be successful?" must be running around in your brain. Isn’t it?


Let's take a look back, that the seven videos above have something in common. Call it a mindset of successful people. A mindset that values every minor change that occurs. So let's start learning to be a successful person by taking small steps every day. Make the habits of successful people, such as:

  • Trying new habits every day
  • Learn to live more regularly
  • Create long-term or short-term life goals


Try writing your new habits every day on VirtualSpace. Sync with your calendar, so you have a personal alarm every day. It's not easy at first, but we believe you can do it. If you need to be more organized, you can try to manage your tasks or your work using this cutting-edge tool. Or you need an assistant to do project management with your remote team. Take VirtualSpace on your journey to become a successful person. Install now and start feeling life-changing!

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