7 Virtual Team Bonding Activities for Fun and Best Collaboration

15 Jun, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

How do you build a coordinated, yet fun team activity for success? Check these activities that you can try for virtual team building!


Virtual team bonding activities can be a very fun activity to keep each member excited. When working in a team, the responsibility is no longer your own but shared. How do you build a coordinated, yet fun team activity for success? Let's cover it now to the end!

Why Virtual Team Activities Are Important for Establishing Remote Collaboration

A smoothly coordinated team is when every member has trust in each other. Each member will know each other's strengths and weaknesses well. Teamwork, where they mingle for one goal and achieve it together.

Well, good teamwork is everyone's dream. Therefore, it takes a strong effort from the employer and from each member to make it happen. Team building is a skill that employers must master by creating opportunities and platforms.

When a well-functioning platform is in place, every member of the team can work together and communicate. Effective communication is the foundation of excellent teamwork. Team building activities and sessions like this are a must while working remotely.

Following are the most impactful advantages of building remote teamwork with the platform:

  • Forming stronger and deeper connections among team members
  • Increasing the team's involvement in every project that has been running since
  • Building trust in each other
  • Reducing stress and fatigue
  • Increasing productivity and fostering creativity
  • Developing individual skills
  • Expanding thoughts and being more accepting
  • Preventing hostility and internal conflict

Very interesting and useful, right? That way, this list of advantages can always help and be a direction in building the best remote team activities.

Virtual Team Bonding Activities to Build the Best Teamwork

Here’s the fun part about what activities you can do to make teamwork more enjoyable. With the right platform, every company can carry out the following activities.

1. Remote Work Bingo

How do you get the team's work and activities in sync? Bingo is the answer. In the past, Bingo was very popular when students were still in elementary school. However, now you can play it remotely with an even more interesting twist.

The game will cover all the information and what the team has to do during office work. For example, drink two glasses of water, do the TikTok challenge, finish a book, or take up a new hobby for 30 minutes. It's really fun and can be a challenge for each team member.

You can play it at the end of the meeting or at the end of the day when the work is done. You just need to divide your team for the tasks. Each team member has to assign personal tasks to specific people as the challenges. Take notes and send them to specific people for you to set publicly or privately.

2. Mafia Games

Oh, what if you become a mobster and the team members are tasked with uncovering it? You can do this game to bring your teammates closer. So, there are mafia, doctors, and citizens taking part in the game.

When the game master has announced that night has come, the mafia will kill a citizen. Doctors also have the opportunity to save citizens and the police can appoint someone to reveal their identity.

You and your team members can play this game by sending the chosen name via private chat. When morning comes, everyone will know who died or who managed to survive. The team members will then argue, who is the mafia for all of them to kill.

3. Never Have I Ever

You can make the game “Never Have I Ever” that focuses on fun and must be Safe For Work. Players take turns listing experiences they've never had before.

If one had that experience, then he would get a challenge. You can list your work-related experiences and make them more interesting.

4. Can You Hear Me Now?

Do you like drawing and puzzles? This game can be the best choice of activity. So, people will be divided into several groups and one person from each group will be selected as a speaker.

The rest will act as artists. The speaker will then use a random picture and draw it for group members to imitate the picture based on the description. The team that is closest to the original image will win.

The game is not that simple because there are challenges that require players to use certain geometric shapes. Drawing virtually can be difficult, but you can improve your communication skills too.

5. Pancakes vs Waffles

If you ask, pancakes vs waffles? Which one will you choose? Or, fate and fate? There are many interesting topics that can be debated. Of course, everyone has their own preferences and likes one over the other.

Everyone has an opinion and can share it openly on lighter questions. However, be careful because questions can escalate existentially quickly. For example, choices for love or friendship, even money or love.

6. Virtual Lunch or Dinner

Eating together is really fun for fellow team members. However, what if you try this activity virtually? Similar to a virtual picnic, you can try to do it online with team members.

They can prepare their own food or get a takeaway. Had a great time connecting over lunch. Of course, this activity does not require time off work and can adjust lunchtime regularly.

7. Create a Group Playlist

Do you like listening to songs? There are so many songs that can make the atmosphere happy, relaxed, and suitable while working. So let's create a playlist on a music platform and share it with colleagues.

Ask them to add their favorite songs and have a chat together. Wouldn't you also like to get to know someone who has a similar taste in music?

The Best Platform for Virtual Team Bonding Activities

Do you already have the best options for fun teamwork? Using VirtualSpace to do those fun activities can be a great choice. VirtualSpace serves as one of the best virtual collaboration platforms for your team activities. The platform will help you and your team in seeing the progress of work towards success.

VirtualSpace also allows everyone, from leaders, to the most productive workers, to new workers in their respective positions to get started. You and your working team will find it easier to implement the most profitable employee engagement strategies. If teamwork makes everyone comfortable, surely good communication will continue. Good communication results in increased productivity. Click here to register and learn more about VirtualSpace!

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