8 Best Time Management Tools That Improve Productivity

8 Jun, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

Find the best time management tools that will help you improve productivity and make the most of your day. From task management apps to time trackers, these tools will keep you on schedule, accountable and motivated.


Technology allows us to overcome distance and extreme time differences to language barriers. Technology can solve almost everything. The advantages of this technology help make work more effective, including in time management matters.

At one time, you must be multitasking at work. You have to meet clients via Zoom Meeting. You haven't finished your meeting yet, then you have to make a report for yesterday's meeting. You seem to have no time to breathe at all. It's not easy, but everything has to be done on time.

The good news is that technology can lighten your workload. Technology is specifically designed to help you practice your time management skills: maximum productivity but minimal hassle with the help of these tools. 

What are the tools? Let's look at eight tools to help you manage your time and be more productive!

1. VirtualSpace

source: VirtualSpace

The first recommendation is VirtualSpace. If you are a project manager, graphic designer, social media specialist, content marketer, admin, or whatever your profession, VirtualSpace can help you wherever you are. Simply put, this virtual working space fits every remote worker.

VirtualSpace is an all-in-one project management tool that can help solve time management problems. You can monitor how far the project progresses, integrating with various platforms such as GitHub. Team collaboration is even better because you can chat in real-time.

You can immediately record it and share it with all team members when you are in an important meeting. Starting from feedback to the latest innovations will not be a problem anymore.

Main Features:

  • Chat in real-time, so you can collaborate with the whole team wherever you are
  • Project overview: this feature makes it easy for you to stay updated on project progress and not miss deadlines
  • Notes: record every crucial detail of ideas and group them in a specific folder. Sharing notes just gets easier.

Price: Register now for free and enjoy VirtualSpace Premium for the next 6 months after 3 months of activation.

Available: Android, iOS, and Web

2. Scoro

source: Scoro

Scoro is the right choice if you need a platform/tool that can cover all sales timelines at one time or CRM (Customer Relationship Management)—starting from budgets, sales reports, and periodic billing to clients.

Although it focuses on the sales timeline, Scoro integrates with several accounting tools, such as Xero and QuickBooks Online. In addition, this tool also supports project management, so you also know the progress of the ongoing project.

Main Features:

  • Time tracking in real-time, so you can make invoices directly
  • Reminder for scheduled, recurring, and overdue invoices
  • Combination of CRM tools with project management tools 

Price: Starting at $26/month

3. Rescue Time