8 Reasons Why You Need to Learn Time Management

9 Jun, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

Learning time management skills is vital for anyone who wants to be successful. Get started with these 8 tips to help you focus on what's important and manage your time more effectively.


We often hear people complain that they don't have time. The phrase doesn't have time feels like a common phrase in society. Complaining that you can't take vacations, learn new things, do hobbies and get enough sleep because you don't have time. It's as if time is the root of everything.

Do you realize that time is not the problem? But how you manage your time is the main problem.

Many tips are circulating on the internet about effective time management. But if you don't fully understand why time management is essential, you may lose the motivation to change. 

So, to create deep-rooted motivation, you need to know eight reasons why learning time management is important! But before getting on the list, let’s see what time management is!

What is Effective Time Management?

Before knowing why you should learn time management, let's recall what effective time management is. 

Effective time management is using the time you have correctly so that no to-do list is missed every day—this ability to make everyday life easier. Likewise, in your workplace, time management is vital.

When you don't have good time management skills, you will tend to:

  • Be not on time
  • Have poor quality work
  • Have no work-life balance
  • Be labeled unprofessional

Why You Need to Learn Time Management

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Having a reason to do a job or change a bad habit is meaningful. Reasons can make people more motivated and disciplined in doing work. Well, here are eight reasons why you need to learn about time management:

1. You Will Be More Focused

Focus is the primary reason time management is necessary. When you are not focused on work or doing other activities, the quality of work will be affected. In addition to quality, the time to complete the work is also affected.

The focus will also make you understand the priority scale of each job and how long you work on it. This will stop you from procrastinating. You also have free time to start developing yourself. Remember, work smart, not work hard.

2. Avoiding Stress and Overworking

Keeping track of time can be stressful at times. Focus is also easy to change. From the quality work and on time to work must be completed quickly. Changing goals without realizing it makes the mind disorganized, resulting in stress.

Good time management will make you look wider and know what tasks need to be done today. You can allocate time appropriately because you are focused, and finally, the work is completed on time and with quality. Also, arrange the job based on the priority scale, so you know which one has to be done first.

3. Improving Self-Discipline

Effective time management can increase self-discipline. This happens because there is no more postponement. This habit will make you appreciate your time more, and your career will improve. Work and even relationships with society or loved ones are also getting better.

When you want to postpone an activity, you will feel uncomfortable because you use time effectively. Slowly you’ll get used to living disciplined.

4. Work-Life Balance

“Wow, I don't have time for a vacation. Work is piling up so much.”

Surely you've heard that phrase a lot, right? In this sentence, time seems to be the root of the problem. But not. Bad time management is the problem.

Proper time management will make you delete the sentence. You can already set the portion of work and yourself. Slowly you will realize that you need time to be pampered, not just your wallet. 

Try making a daily schedule for yourself. Promise yourself that your daily schedule will fit into the program. Then, congratulations, you have managed to balance your personal and work life.

5. You’ll Feel More Confident

Good time management will make your self-confidence stronger. When you invest time properly, you will feel more able to control what you do. Then, self-confidence will strengthen.

Plus, the work you produce is even better. You also realize that proper time management has changed half of your life.

6. New Opportunities That May Grow

One of the crucial reasons why you should learn time management is that you can see new opportunities growing. What opportunities? It could be a career opportunity, a friendship, or a romantic relationship. 

When you do something in a hurry, you don't realize that there are many opportunities to try. Also, you won't have time to try new opportunities when you procrastinate. So, learn time management.

7. You Will Realize That Time Is Valuable

You can do 1000 different ways to get it back when you lose money. When you lose time, there is no way to get it back. You need to realize that time is a finite entity that always moves in one direction, namely forward, unless you are Doctor Strange, who can stop time.

8. Your Dream Is One Step Closer

Successful time management increases productivity. You will find yourself getting a lot more work done in less time. This allows you to use the time for other things, such as doing things that have always been your dream. It sounds cliché, but you can use much free time to learn to reach your goals step by step.

How to Stop Wasting Time 

Now back to the most crucial question of the moment, how to stop wasting time? The answer is simple, change habits. Slowly. Begin to realize that the eight reasons listed above are fundamental reasons you should learn to manage your time. Then start making a priority list, scheduling activities, trying to focus, etc.

If you can't fight alone, invite your closest friends or team to do the same. Share this article with your team and explain why time management is necessary. Facing challenges in managing time is normal, but the important part is how you bounce back from it.

You can also use time management tools to help you manage time properly. Since we've been living in the modern era, there are many time management tools you can use such as VirtualSpace. It helps you to manage time well by providing excellent features. From creating to-do lists to managing your tasks. Install now and feel the change!

Remember that you can never get it back once you lose time, whether it's a minute, an hour, a day, a week, or a month. So, when you want to procrastinate, remember that time is precious.

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