9 Best Tips for Effective Time Management

7 Jun, 2022 | Read in 7 minutes

You can avoid distractions, stop procrastinating, and get more done in less time with these 9 tips for effective time management.


Remote workers as well as those who work in offices today must know the tips for effective time management.


Because effective time management can develop your career. You can develop time management according to your current activity.


There are several time management tips that you can try. Each tip has a different capacity but relates to each other.


Before scrolling to the tips. Here is the meaning of time management and its benefits.


What is time management?


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Time management is planning, organizing, mobilizing, and controlling time to be productive. Time is limited, so it is important to manage it effectively and efficiently.


Time management allows you to work smarter, not harder, so you can get more done in a limited amount of time, according to mindtools.com. Even when you encounter high-pressure conditions.


Benefits of effective time management


Bad time management can lead to bad habits. For example, it leads to procrastination, disorganization, fatigue, and more.


Of course, you don't want things like this to interfere with daily activities. For you to have good time management and be more enthusiastic, there are some goals and benefits of time management in work that you need to know.

  • Make someone be on time
  • Makes someone more disciplined
  • Increase work productivity
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Make tasks well organized
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve the achievement of goals


The benefits of effective time management can certainly make you a person who is full of motivation and has goals in life and work. If you already know the benefits of effective time management, then what are the tips for effective time management?


9 Best Tips for effective time management


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1. Manage stress


As you know, stress can affect anyone. Stress can come from work pressure or pressure outside of work.


But the pressure is not always bad. Pressure can be a motivation to complete work on time and get things done.


The next thing you need to know, stress due to pressure can affect your work performance that is not optimal. Stress usually makes it difficult for a person to think clearly and make decisions.


The causes of stress are not the same for each person. To manage stress, you can do time management to complete your task.


Time management can help you do your work systematically so that it doesn't pile up and cause stress to burnout.


You can try these ways to easily manage stress.


2. Learn to focus


To make time management more effective, one of the tips you can try is to stay focused, according to Tony Robbins.


As you know, there are a lot of things you have to do in life, and it's very challenging.


There are so many things that cause it hard to focus. So you need to learn to focus on the things you are going to do. Focus is a skill that you must master to make effective time management.


Focusing on completing one task before moving on to another will allow you to get more effective time management. Of course, trying this way can make you more productive.


3. Set the strategy


Setting the strategy will make it easier for you to determine the tasks you will complete first. This is similar to how you set priorities if there are multiple tasks at the same time.


In addition, setting a planning strategy can make it easier for you to complete tasks in a structured pattern. So, you don't need to be confused about starting the task that must be done first.


Sometimes the plans you make don't match your expectations or don't go smoothly. The next thing you can do is make another backup plan.


Well, creating a backup plan can enhance your time management skills. So you don't get confused because of the workload.


4. Setting work standards


You can set work standards by knowing the details of the tasks your boss has given. This method is better for you to do before starting to do the task.


The same thing you can do when you are feeling hard to get an assignment. You can convey what makes you hard on the task.


Try this method to create agile and effective time management.


5. Dare to make decisions


Making decisions is needed in all aspects of life. For some people, making decisions is not an easy thing. Especially decisions related to work and life.


If you don't learn to make decisions, you can waste a lot of time thinking and demanding things.


Therefore, improving your decision-making ability is a time management tip that you can try.


Basically, time management can develop if you get used to making decisions for yourself. From now on you can learn to make wise decisions.


Because the risks you face today are the result of the decisions that can make you grow.


6. Find self-motivation


Obstacles in every task are normal things. These obstacles can have a good influence on your performance if you pass them well.


Therefore, it is important to find self-motivation when facing the challenges that exist. You can be a strong person in the face of various obstacles. You can even be a motivation and role model for others.


In addition, self-motivation can make you a person who is responsible for managing effective time management.


Motivation is not enough just from words and must be proven by the actions you are taking right now. Or in other words, you have to walk the talk.


7. Appreciate yourself


Appreciating yourself for the good habits you do can improve the quality of time management.


For example, if you often do your homework on time, you can reward yourself by taking more breaks.


This method can make you more motivated to do other good habits. Especially good habits that can improve time management.


In addition, appreciating yourself for the small successes that you have done can improve mental health.


8. Using time management tools


Using time management tools can help you create effective time management.


The features in the management tool help you calculate the time it takes to complete daily tasks. Some selected tools can be integrated into your daily work schedule.


9. Improve communication skills


Improving communication skills can be one of the time management tips that you can try.

How could that be?


Good communication can help you establish good relationships with your work partners. If a good relationship can be established with your co-workers, everything can become more comfortable and easy.


In addition, good communication reduces misunderstandings. So that you can accurately explain things related to work.


Good communication also helps you convey the standard of work you want to coworkers. When things are done right, good communication can make for effective time management.


Moreover, be aware of the following impacts of bad time management.


Bad time management effects


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1. Easy to feel stress


Bad time management can take a toll on your mental health. The amount of work that you don't finish on time can make you feel depressed.


So from now on try to motivate yourself in getting the job done. Immediately complete the work on time, so it doesn’t become a burden that you carry every day.


2. Lack of sleep


Poor time management can also have an effect on your sleep schedule. A messy sleep schedule can have an impact on your health.


So, lack of sleep only makes your activities worse and it reduces your focus. Lack of sleep also causes your immune system to decrease so you get sick easily.


3. Easily tired


Bad time management can make you feel like you don't have enough time. This also has an impact on the time you usually use to exercise. In fact, exercise can keep your body fit and healthy.


If you don't improve your time management right away, it can disturb your work-life balance.


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