Agile Methodologies for Product Managers Using VirtualSpace

8 Aug, 2023 | Read in 4 minutes

Discover how Agile methodologies empower product managers to excel using VirtualSpace. Explore efficient project management for modern product managers.


As businesses grow and expand, managing increasing employees, and projects becomes a complex challenge. To sustain continuous development and maximise productivity, Agile project management is essential. Irrespective of the industry, effective Project Management remains a core concern for your organisation.

As companies evolve, the demand for handling multiple projects simultaneously arises. In such crucial scenarios, delivering high-quality products using Agile methodology becomes indispensable. 

The Agile approach empowers decision-makers by offering real-time progress updates at every stage.

VirtualSpace is a project management tool that empowers product managers to seamlessly drive success through Project features. 

Equipped with advanced features, VirtualSpace enables teams to oversee their projects efficiently. It offers substantial customisation options for project planning and organisation, empowering your teams to enhance productivity. 

An Overview of VirtualSpace Project Management Software

VirtualSpace is one example of a cloud-based software service, tailored to provide project management solutions aligned with Agile methodology. 

With essential customisation customised to project development, this software amplifies Agile capabilities, allowing your teams to efficiently achieve their goals.

An Overview of Agile Projects

Agile means moving quickly, and in Agile management software, tasks are broken down into smaller parts, leading to frequent deliveries. 

This approach is widely used for software development projects to maintain an organised flow of management activities. It emphasizes teamwork and regular reviews to ensure fast delivery of top-notch software and to meet customer needs promptly.

Many leading companies commonly adopt the Agile process for their projects. Consequently, numerous IT professionals have recognized its significance and integration into their operations.

Here are some benefits of the Agile approach:

  • Quality Assurance: Thanks to ongoing deliveries, the team receives regular feedback, ensuring that the product undergoes comprehensive testing. This method consistently aligns with the precise requirements.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Agile promotes teamwork, reminding members of their common objective, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Reliable Timeline: The Agile process adheres to a trustworthy schedule, keeping project teams well-informed about deadlines. As a result, this fosters predictability in product deliveries, offering advantages to both vendors and stakeholders.

The Agile process is like a toolbox that developers and stakeholders can use throughout the entire software development cycle. 

Unlike traditional methods, Agile lets us do multiple things at once, like developing and testing, all in sync. 

But what really matters is choosing the right tool from this toolbox of Agile frameworks. This choice can supercharge how your businesses manage projects and become real pros at it.

What are Methodologies in the Agile Process 

1. Scrum

Imagine a way of working where you make steady progress, bit by bit, with clear roles, meetings, and things to keep track of everything. That's Scrum for you. It's like teamwork on steroids.

2. Kanban

Kanban allows you to see what's happening, what's in progress, and what's done, all on a board. It's like having a visual project manager.

3. Extreme Programming (XP)

Let's talk about getting things done in style. Extreme Programming is all about putting cool practices in place, like always checking your work, writing tests first, and making everyone feel responsible for the code. It's like a software gym for quality.

4. Feature-driven Development (FDD)

Imagine building a project in bite-sized pieces, focusing on features and getting them right one by one. That's Feature-driven Development. It's like crafting a masterpiece, step by step.

Picking the right methodology from these options is like choosing the right tool for a job – it can make all the difference in the world. 

By finding the right fit, businesses can truly embrace the Agile process, making projects smoother, teams more united, and success more achievable.

Agile Methodology Steps Using VirtualSpace

1. Initiating a Plan

The primary stage is consistent across almost all projects and programmes: initiating a plan. 

A product manager constructs this plan around a measurable and attainable aim or set of goals. These are typically determined by the client or the funding entity. 

Incorporating agile into project management outlines the approach to realise these goals and objectives. It is also possible to define the project's extent at this juncture; however, the flexible nature of this methodology often renders this practice less advisable.

2. Set Project 

Configure your workspace and boards within VirtualSpace to establish a well-organised project environment. 

Create your project, ensuring efficient collaboration and focused task management.

3. Create a Task 

Transform extensive tasks into manageable units by breaking them down into individual cards. 

Each card represents a specific task, enabling a granular approach to project management within VirtualSpace.

4. Assign the Right Team

As the product manager, you typically assume the responsibility of selecting suitable individuals to join the project team. 

Certain aspects of this selection might already be predetermined by the organisation you are affiliated with. 

The key is to bring together a team possessing the complete skill set essential for project completion, proficient communication, and swift responsiveness while fostering a sense of trust and confidence in their abilities.

5. Comprehensive Task Details

Enhance task clarity by creating task cards with all relevant information. 

Include essential details, requirements, attachments, and notes within each card, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the task at hand.

Use VirtualSpace for Agile Planning

You can use VirtualSpace as an app for managers to facilitate Agile planning seamlessly.

VirtualSpace serves as a versatile platform that empowers you to implement Agile methodologies effectively in your project planning processes. 

By harnessing VirtualSpace's features, you can align your project management approach with Agile principles. From task breakdown to team collaboration, VirtualSpace offers the tools you need to streamline Agile planning. 


This integration of Agile planning within VirtualSpace enables you to enhance collaboration and achieve project success with agility. Try it for free here

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