An Introduction to Virtual Working Space: What Every Team Needs Now!

11 May, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

A virtual working space is an online portal where people come to work together. Since the pandemic, many companies switch to remote work. So, the need for virtual workspace increases.


We are living in the real and virtual. Work in both virtual and physical worlds. Two statements that are now familiar in our lives, right? The Coronavirus has made the boundaries of these two types of life even more invisible. Plus, almost every business seems forced to go online because of this virus. Unavoidably, all people must learn about online life.


A compulsion to go online to the whole world brings a new work system. A work system that does not need to meet in person but can still discuss with other people. There is no need to leave the house, but you can still be productive at work. You can even work from anywhere you want. Let's call it a dream come true.


The new work system is called virtual working space. Calm, before you ask about this system, we will introduce it.


So, can we start now?


What is Virtual Working Space?


A virtual working space is an online portal where people come to work together. The main difference between a virtual and a physical working space lies in the working system and location, all done online. Physical working spaces have a real and specific place. While in the virtual working space, you can only see through the screen of an electronic device already connected to the internet.


The facilities offered by virtual working spaces are almost the same as physical working spaces, such as:

• You can still have a private room for discussion that is packaged in group or channel
• All teams can see your to-do-list every day
• See the faces of each team member every day through the video call feature
• Each team member can monitor all progress


It's just that everything has moved to virtual, and you can access it from wherever you are. Although this virtual working space looks more fun and fits the style of today's millennials to Gen Z, this system also has its drawbacks. For example, the feeling of loneliness that sometimes appears when working. Are there any other drawbacks to this system? Of course, there is! Here we go!


Pros and Cons of Virtual Workspace


Nothing is perfect in this world. There is always a gap that makes all things have advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of virtual workspaces:


Pros of Virtual Workspace:

1. Flexible
Talking about flexibility is not far from work-life balance. A term that is currently popular among millennials and Gen Z. Working with a culture five days a week is too old. Millennials and Gen Z want flexibility in completing their workloads, in other words being free but getting the job done. And technology is the best match for flexibility. So virtual workspaces are the answer to technology and flexibility combined. You can communicate, discuss, collaborate, meet and track work virtually. It could be that you don't need to be physically present five days a week at the office.

2. Productivity Increase
Some workers feel more comfortable when working in a place they like. That means not being confined in a monotonous office space. Workers who enjoy their jobs will feel happy, and their productivity will certainly increase. Productivity increases when you work at your favorite place, like a beach or a cafe.

3. Recruitment and Retention
Employee retention will increase, according to research by Compare Camp. Around 83% of job applicants prefer jobs that work remotely rather than in the office. 60% of workers consider leaving their jobs when they lose the flexibility to choose when and where they work. Moreover, 40% of workers do not feel stressed when working remotely on a workday. An advantage that will undoubtedly keep workers happy.

4. Ease of Tracking Company Performance
So basically, Virtual workspaces have a system that is integrated with all the work of each worker. This system makes it easy for you to track employee and company performance. You don't have to bother making reports by collecting a lot of data because the virtual workspace already has facilities that make it easier to create reports.

5. Saving Budget
Businesses that use virtual workspaces are more efficient. You don't need to set up many workplaces for workers. Just go through a virtual workspace. You can go to the coworking space if you really need to meet. It's easy, right?


As we said, there are always flaws in every system. So here are the cons of virtual workspaces:

1. Feelings of Loneliness
No matter how popular virtual meetings are, there will never be a substitute for in-person interaction. When you interact virtually, you will not feel the other person's body language and physical interactions. This condition is what triggers the feeling of loneliness. That's why physical meetings are still needed and must be facilitated by the company to overcome the loneliness of the workers.

2. Burnout
Too many interactions in front of or behind the camera create a new problem. It's called burnout. Therefore, every company must provide an exact limit on when and how many times the meeting is held. It's crucial to set boundaries to prevent workers from the famous “zoom fatigue” disease.


Do You Want to Work from Anywhere? Virtual Working Space is the Answer!


If you are someone who:

• 'YOLO' person and willing to work from anywhere
• Just build a startup and be constrained by costs to establish a physical working space
• Have multiple jobs at one time
• Have many workers who are in various locations
• Prefer to work from home


Of course, a virtual working space is the best choice for you. But not everyone is like you. Not everyone fits the virtual workspace concept. Some people prefer to work with many people physically. Some fail to draw a line between the need for “me time” and having to work, so they become burnout. Another constraint is the time zones which may differ from each other.


All options depend on your current condition. If it's possible to work through virtual workspaces, why not try? Isn't it more fun to work from anywhere?


All You Need in Virtual Workspace


Not all virtual workspaces have complete facilities to support the needs of workers. That's why you must be selective when choosing a virtual workspace platform. A few things should be present in the virtual workspace:

1. Integrated with many tools that make work easier
2. A simple reminder so that nothing is missed
3. Every job can be well organized
4. Chat feature, voice call team, and video call team
5. Collaboration feature with the whole team


Our best recommendation for your virtual working space is VirtualSpace. It is an all-in-one platform for remote teams around the world. So, sign up for VirtualSpace now and make your dream of working from anywhere come true!

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