Get Things Done: Productivity Strategy with VirtualSpace Project

6 Jul, 2022 | Read in 4 minutes

Now everything is fast-paced and digital. Manually managing projects will consume a lot of time and resources. That's why VirtualSpace is here to increase your and your team's productivity.


At VirtualSpace, productivity isn't about doing as much as you can. It's not about getting maximum results every day. Otherwise, it's about those who spend less time working with clear goals – such as attending meetings with a clear plan, getting work done quietly and staying on track.

When it comes to being productive, low-impact tasks are the last priority. Start shifting focus on to-do lists that have a real impact on work instead of just spending time on work that is not a priority.

Raising productivity without a workload that doesn't add up may seem like a dream - which is why you need help from VirtualSpace. VirtualSpace helps you simplify projects so you can use your time more effectively.

This post will cover how to maximise Virtual Spaces to increase productivity and simplify your projects. This advanced tool has powerful features that will ease your work and tasks.

How Project Feature on VirtualSpace Ease Your Work

This project management tool has a clean and eye-catching design. The flow of VirtualSpace is clear, making it easy to use for those who are opening it for the first time.

The features allow you and your team to collaborate, organise projects, and save important documents from achieving a goal. So, without further ado let’s step into the process of how VirtualSpace helps you get things done!

Start with Create New Project

Start creating a project that your team is currently handling by clicking the “+” sign on the left corner. Give a name to the project you created to make it easier to recognise. You can also upload an image or a logo of the project.

In this project, you and your workmates can create a kanban board to monitor progress. Kanban styles can be changed into lists or boards. Lead the team to make them understand the flow.

Invite members to your projects

Invite members who do join this project. This feature will make it easier to assign and collaborate with teams. You can even invite members who don't join the primary team (such as freelancers, vendors, or suppliers) to collaborate on projects.

The access of each team member can also be adjusted. When successfully creating a project, the default display is a clean kanban.

Create a kanban board according to the project. You can use it to track OKR or create a scrum board. If it works as an OKR, define a section for each objective, but if it works for the scrum board, build a section for “do”, “doing”, and “done.”

Choose your priority

One of the benefits of the project feature on VirtualSpace is the priority system. It allows you to track down your tasks and which one needs more concern. There are four priority levels: Urgent, High, Normal and Less.

Set up deadlines and assign team members

To maximise your productivity while working, VirtualSpace allows you to set up the deadlines of the task. You can also delegate tasks to team members by “add assign, and members will automatically get notifications.

You can also view the assignees of the task to see who is responsible for this task. Discussions will be more targeted when there are problems because they know who is involved.

Easy grouping by labels

Labels will group tasks according to existing categories. You can also create your own according to the team's needs. When the team merges, such as marketing or programmers, the label will divide, which is each team's responsibility.

Comment and activity section to discuss

You must have found yourself confused when giving suggestions or commenting on project results. If the two features are not connected properly, you must take a screenshot or link to make it easier to understand.

But now you don't have to worry anymore because, in VirtualSpace, you can comment by section. No need to waste time on screenshots or adding links so team members understand. Just click the “Comments” button, and all team members will be notified.

Don't miss any updates with notifications

The team is on fire completing work in progress, and you, as a project manager, don't want to miss any updates. Then, just turn on notifications. It helps monitor any changes to the project.

Filter your tasks to track everything

Working on multiple projects with the same deadline is overwhelming. Each project has different and unrelated team members, and it seems you're stuck in a situation.

You can filter up your tasks to lighten your load. This feature serves to sort projects by many categories, such as team members, deadlines and priorities. You don't have to bother scrolling one by one to find the top priority. Just click and click on this feature.

Track the performance of your team

If you’re a project owner or a business owner who runs a project, you can track the performance of your team on the admin feature. You can view the performance of every individual in your team so that you can assess the performance to make decisions.

Final Thoughts

Now everything is fast-paced and digital. Manually managing projects will consume a lot of time and resources. That's why VirtualSpace is here to increase your and your team's productivity.

Project management is more than organising teams and getting things done. It takes a lot of factors, such as effective team collaboration, the right method, the right project manager, etc.

VirtualSpace helps you to eliminate some factors from your plate so that you can focus only on the important things. So that effective team collaboration and real-time communication are no longer a problem. Download now and get started to increase your productivity!

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