Going WFA or WFH? Here Are Things You Need to Prepare!

17 May, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

In this article, we will cover what to prepare for WFH/WFA. Whether working from your cozy home or while sipping a cup of coffee in a cafe, you need to stay productive.


So how? Are you getting comfortable with working from home or working remotely? Or are you still looking for the right way to stay productive at home? Or otherwise, your company plans to adopt a work from anywhere system?


It is undeniable that the Covid-19 pandemic has made significant changes in various industries. Various policies such as mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing force companies to adopt new work styles. Starting from the health industry, groceries to offices have changed their working methods to be more flexible. One of them is Work From Home (WFH) or Work From Anywhere (WFA).


The WFH concept was initially used to reduce the spread of Covid19 within the company. However, after implementation from 2020 to 2021, many employees began to enjoy this concept. Some feel more productive when WFH or WFA. 


McKinsey also conducted research on WFH culture from June 2020. As a result, 80% of employees prefer to work from home. 40% say they are more productive when working from home. Several large companies such as Twitter, Google, and Facebook plan to allow their employees to work remotely indefinitely. Sounds interesting, right?


Unfortunately, the transition from working from the office to working from home or anywhere without a time limit is not that easy. It requires careful preparation, both from the company and from employees.


But calm. Not easy does not mean impossible. The following are some things you can prepare before WFA permanently:


Office Things Checklist


The company is the main character who needs many adjustments if work from home applies permanently. Besides preparing employee facilities, the company also needs to create new policies and work culture. To avoid going the wrong way, here are some checklists:


New Policy on Work From Home


Companies need internal joint meetings, such as Human Growth and HR. The conclusion of this meeting will produce a list of preparations for WFH.


1. Create a new work policy

The first step that needs to be discussed in the meeting is the new policy. Policies should be clear and easy to understand. The policy contains about:
• Who can work WFH/WFA
• What are the working hours of employees
• What facilities are needed
• How to communicate with employees


Facilities for Employees


Facilities remain the responsibility of the company. The company is obliged to provide the tools that employees need. Therefore, management needs to identify the following:


1. Identify the type of facility for employees

Facilities are not just about laptops, computers, or the internet. Software such as a platform for collaboration, Google Drive, software for meetings, etc., are also included. Here's a list of helpful software for employees:
Project management software for planning, budgeting, organizing, and managing projects
Software that supports collaboration with fellow employees
Cloud for storing documents and sharing files
Absence system to record working hours and overtime hours


VirtualSpace covers all employee needs to work from home or work from anywhere. Employees are free to collaborate in online meetings through the application. Simply access it via virtualspace.ai or install it on a smartphone. Then the company and employees can access it anywhere.


2. Prepare hardware for employees

Ideally, companies should provide employees with hardware that supports their work, such as laptops, chairs, and tables. However, the company can adapt to the needs of its employees.


Keep Communicating


Transforming to WFH/WFA doesn't mean you stop communicating. Internal communication between employees and managers should be fluid, downwards or upwards. Companies need to have programs that encourage social interaction among employees. In addition, companies need to ask for employee feedback regarding their condition when WFH/WFA.


Employee Things Checklist


Employees must also prepare equipment to work from home. The WFH/WFA work system will not work perfectly without employees' contributions. So, company or employees, both are essential entities.


If your office has or will apply the WFH/WFA system, try preparing this checklist:


1. Working Space
Let's start the WFH transformation by preparing a new workspace. Even though you can work anywhere, you still need a workspace. The workspace will limit that you are not on ‘weekend vibes’ but are working. Space can be a table and chairs in the corner of the room. You can also use an empty room as a WFH corner. Make sure the new space you have is quiet and comfortable so that you can maintain your focus.


2. Adequate Facilities
You can bring office facilities, but you still need to prepare other things. Some of the facilities that you need to prepare yourself are:
• Blanket or pillow
• Headset
• Drinking bottle
• Snacks
Although it looks trivial, these facilities can affect your mood when working. Right?


3. Create Working Hours Limit
Working from home does not mean working continuously all day long. It doesn't mean you're on vacation too. You have to create a limit on working hours. Working hours make employees more productive during WFH because they know when is the best time to work. You can start working during your productive hours. The critical point is communicating. Communicate your working hours to your coworkers, team, and company.


4. A To-do list is vital!
Creating a to-do list will help organize the work. To-do lists will make you more productive. In addition, you will remember important and urgent tasks. VirtualSpace has a feature to create your to-do list. Try creating a to-do list via VirtualSpace, so you don't miss tasks. You can also collaborate by adding your friend's account to the task.


5. You Need to Get Rest
You can't force your body to be focused all the time. The body needs time to rest. You can listen to music, eat snacks, or chit-chat with your family when tired. Exercise can also be an option when you get bored. Naturally, exercise can increase endorphins that can trigger feelings of happiness.


6. Make Yourself Comfortable and Motivated
Make motivational sentences in your workplace. That sentence will give you more energy to start work every day. Decorate your workspace so that you feel comfortable when you work. If you need a friend to work with, you can video call your co-workers. Wear work clothes, so you feel like you're working. Avoid working in pajamas because it will make you feel lazy. Dressing well for WFH will signal to your body that you are ready.


Get Ready for ‘Work From Anywhere-culture’ - and Stay Connected!

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