No More Sticky Notes on Your Desk, Migrate Your Project to VirtualSpace!

25 May, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

The "old-style" sticky notes are no longer adequate. Now is the time to switch to a new style. Learn how VirtualSpace becomes your virtual "sticky notes."


There is a tool that can increase productivity many times over. Call it sticky notes. Sticky notes are small notes that we can stick in a place that is easy to see. Sticky notes have characteristics such as:

  • Concise/simple
  • Easy to read
  • Colorful


Sticky notes are helpful for students, employees, entrepreneurs, and parents. Many people focus too much on complicated things, but life is all about doing the simple little things. Sticky notes are an answer to remembering small and important things that we tend to forget.


Unfortunately, the old style of sticky notes has many weaknesses. Some people started looking for other alternatives to take notes. Of course, we have a recommendation for 'the new style of sticky notes for you. Before that, let's discuss why this type of note is different!


What Makes Sticky Notes so Special?


It's not just couples who are amazing. A sticky note also has a unique side. What makes this tool special?


Sticky notes make it easier to understand information more efficiently and quickly. The human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. 90% of the information in visual form is sent to the brain. Then why do sticky notes make information more efficient and faster?


We, as visual thinkers, don't like seeing much text. Through this tool, we can write down the essential points that are the priority. During the meeting, sticky notes nicely organize the exciting ideas we found. Or a simple job like “clean the bed” won't be missed. Sticky notes can save everything.


The characteristics of sticky notes that are simple and easy to read make you catch information quickly. You will not find useless words in this tool. Isn't that special?


Why Does Business Need Sticky Notes?


Sticky notes have become a “partner in crime” for business. This tool helps keep things organized, like meetings or leaving messages. We cover some of the advantages of using sticky notes in the following.


  1. Facilitate Collaboration Between Teams
    Sticky notes help manage ideas from each team. Write down your thoughts briefly and let other team members see them. You can also provide feedback between groups regarding the concept. Even teams from other divisions can see ideas written on sticky notes.

    After observing, encourage each team member to respond. Another function of this tool is to help write to-do lists for each member. Writing a to-do list allows each team to know each member's responsibilities.

    Team collaboration during scrum can also use sticky notes. Write down “Do”, “Doing”, and “Done” in each section. This process makes it easier for team members to see the progress of the work.

  2. Help Determine Deadlines
    Use sticky notes to set priorities for work. Take note of which tasks are closest to the deadline, then add who is responsible. Paste it in a place that you often see. You can also add a reminder to each virtual sticky note.

  3. Moving Activities from day to day in Project Board
    When creating scrum in the kanban, the team may not be able to complete work on the same day. You can move sticky notes to the next day when work is unfinished for today. Easy isn't it?

  4. Sticky Notes Petrify “step by step” Project
    Some people often forget step by step when doing their job. You can use sticky notes to write step by step. This tool will help you remember every step clearly and simply. You can write as many steps as you like for each project.

  5. No More Miscommunication
    Miscommunication often occurs when the project is not straightforward. Sticky notes can handle that. You can write down the critical points. Then explain in detail when discussing with other team members. This process will reduce miscommunication in the project.


The Problem with Using “Old Style” Sticky Notes


The sticky notes of “old-style” are no longer relevant to millennials or GenZ. Starting from causing paper waste and sometimes just ending in the camera. However, colorful sticky notes can improve memory. When blown by the wind, the sticky notes come off. Now, let's break down the problem:


  1. There’s Never Enough Wall
    The problem is quite complex and trivial such as there is no place to stick. How large your room is will not be enough if there are too many sticky notes. So, are you sure you still want to use the “old style” sticky notes?

  2. Miscommunication
    No “who's in charge” feature is available. Sticking carelessly and not knowing who is responsible is the problem of old sticky notes. You know what happens; it causes miscommunication.

  3. All You End Up with Are Pictures
    Undoubtedly one of you is a team that likes to take photos of sticky notes? After completing a job, the notes will change. Old records will become useless piles. Finally, it all ended up being a photo on a cell phone camera.


Migrate Your Sticky Notes to VirtualSpace!


Now is the time to switch to a new style. Let's call it virtual sticky notes. One of the best platforms for virtual sticky notes is VirtualSpace. Why?


  • Flexible
  • Just move around and done
  • Reduce miscommunication
  • Easy access, anytime, and anywhere


VirtualSpace is an all-in-one project management platform to support your remote team. You just have to install VirtualSpace on your cell phone or computer. Use the team collaboration feature to create sticky notes. Here's how:


  1. Create an account on VirtualSpace. Creating an account on VirtualSpace is free. Enter the email and password you use.

  2. After creating your account and confirming your email address. You can open VirtualSpace on your web browser and then sign in.

  3. Go to the 'Project' feature. You will find various features such as shared and individual projects. You can use shared projects if you want to use the “virtual sticky notes” to collaborate. Click “Create New Project”.

  4. After that, click “Add New” and click “Section.” A section helps create sections that are currently being worked on and completed. Don't forget to put the name of the team.

  5. Write the steps, project, or idea in the “Add task” section. This task is the contents of the virtual sticky notes. You can set when to start working on the project and the deadline.

  6. Set the priority scale on VirtualSpace with urgent, high, normal, and low priority.

  7. The label feature on VirtualSpace helps mark what projects are currently on sticky notes. You can also add specific teams to labels so that collaboration can happen.

  8. The description section helps reduce miscommunication because you can add the task detail.

  9. A subtask is a step-by-step part of doing a task.

  10. You can also assign anyone to contribute to virtual sticky notes in the Assigned section.

VirtualSpace also has a screen record feature to make it easier to coordinate virtually. So that miscommunication between teams can be avoided.

So are you sure you still want to use old-style sticky notes? Too old and too many flaws, right? What are you waiting for? Install VirtualSpace now and get the convenience of making virtual sticky notes!

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