Top 5 Online Task List Apps in 2023

20 Jan, 2023 | Read in 4 minutes

Stay organised and on top of your tasks with our curated top 5 online task list apps of 2023.


Are you looking for the perfect task list apps to help keep your work and personal life organised? Task listing tools can be a great asset to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and manage time more effectively.

A plan of action can reduce the stress related to a task, according to research from Florida State University. You may be worried about your future career, but making clear strategies to get there can set you free.

Even if creating a work task list doesn't take much time, it may offer amazing advantages in the workplace. You can organise the information, track your project tasks, prioritise your workload, and many more.

Whether you're a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a busy professional juggling multiple responsibilities, having an effective online task list tool is essential to achieving success.

What is a task list?

According to Projectmanager, there are tasks on a task list. Because you have described what needs to be done, listing out your tasks is a beneficial activity that helps you operate more efficiently.

A task list is a great way to keep track of all your tasks, both big and small. It's a simple tool that can help you stay organised and productive. Task lists are an essential tool for anyone who wants to take control of their time and manage their workload more effectively.

Task lists come in many forms, such as handwritten notes, computer spreadsheets, or even apps that allow you to create task lists on the go. The key to success with task lists is to make sure each item on your list is actionable meaning it's something that can be checked off when complete.

This way, you will have a sense of accomplishment knowing that your tasks are being completed one by one. Depending on how detailed your list is, you may need to break it down into smaller parts for it to become manageable and doable.

Organising tasks can be a challenge. To ensure you don't miss deadlines and stay on track with your goals, task listing tools can be a great help. Here is our list of the top 5 online task-listing apps in 2023 that will make all the difference in your productivity levels:

5 online Task List Apps in 2023

1. Todoist

When it comes to managing your to-do list and increasing productivity, Todoist is a straightforward, user-friendly, and clean solution.

It enables you to monitor your workload and facilitates the sharing of various duties with your team so that everyone can stay on schedule. The programme provides several practical features, including subtasks, subprojects, recurring tasks, notifications, and more.


  • To keep focus, share your tasks with your team
  • A user-friendly and attractive interface
  • A precise overview of your day in one location

Todoist format is available on Web, iOS and Android mobile apps.

2. Trello

To-do lists are only a tiny portion of Trello's extensive project management toolkit. Along with helping in project management, the tool also makes it simple for remote workers to maintain alignment.

The software features a Kanban board layout where you can build and assign dashboards with individual cards underneath each one giving the details of the assignment.


  • One of the top project management tools for remote teams
  • Clear deadlines make it simple to establish and allocate tasks
  • Moving cards forward can be used to track a project's progress

Trello format is available on Web, iOS and Android mobile apps.

3. VirtualSpace

One of the most accessible project management tools to learn and use is VirtualSpace. An all-in-one platform that is available to remote teams anywhere. It enhances teamwork, communication, and project management for your team.

It makes it possible for your remote workers to plan projects, set deadlines, allocate tasks to the right people, and take notes on chats and tasks.

Further, it uses a kanban board view to make it simple to observe how the projects are progressing.


  • In the chat features, all real communication takes place.
  • All of your projects can be set up and organised on project boards.
  • Notes features for organising documents and important information.

VirtualSpace format is available on Web, iOS and Android mobile apps.

4. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is another task listing and calendar tool that effortlessly integrates with Outlook Chores, making it simpler to manage all of your tasks in one location. To help you stay on track, it allows you to divide your work into manageable chunks, set deadlines, and add reminders to your daily checklist.

Users can sync their Outlook tasks to mobile devices because of the ability to transfer them from that app to Microsoft To Do. Cortana and the Start menu can both be used by Windows users to add tasks.


  • It is simple to connect to all devices
  • Break down difficult tasks into simpler ones
  • Share your to-do list with your coworkers

Microsoft To Do format is available on Web, iOS and Android mobile apps.

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is an online to-do list and planner to help your teams to be more productive.

Some popular businesses such as Google, Airbnb, Uber, and Nike have linked their tasks using ClickUp. Further, they also provide a number of tools and features namely calendars, goals, reminders, and documents.

ClickUp uses a Kanban board view to make it simple for remote teams to check their progress tasks.


  • Simple task listing app for personal and professional work
  • Multiple views help the team's plans and visualise their work
  • Easy to share documents, set reminders, and monitor tasks

ClickUp format is available on Web, iOS and Android mobile apps.

Wrapping Up

Having a task list app for your business is essential for getting things done and increasing productivity, especially with a team to manage. With the right app in place, you can easily create checklists, assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress.

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