What is VirtualSpace? All in One Platform For Remote Teams Around The World

19 May, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

VirtualSpace is an all-in-one platform for remote teams around the world. It helps your team to better collaborate, communicate, and manage their projects.


VirtualSpace is an all-in-one platform for remote teams around the world. It helps your team to better collaborate, communicate, and manage their projects.


Remote work is all about spreading ideas. But sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming. The remote work team needs a platform to bring them together. Thus, they can bring their thoughts together and make more collaborative decisions.


When working, switching many apps can be a disruptive experience for team members. The unfamiliarity and perceived changes in the workflow can lead to lower productivity. Lower productivity causes projects to be delayed. We all can agree that it’s not good for business.


This article will guide you through the complete features of VirtualSpace and why it is the best tool for your team.


Introduction: What is VirtualSpace?

what is virtualspace


VirtualSpace is an online team collaboration and communication platform. It is a platform created by Virtual Spirit Technology Sdn. Bhd. in 2021. This is a groundbreaking new way of setting your workplace at home.


It enables your remote workforce to plan projects, collaborate, and achieve their objectives. You can delegate tasks to the assignees, set deadlines, and make notes on chats and tasks.


VirtualSpace is one of the most straightforward project management solutions to learn and use. Its simple design guarantees a quick learning curve. Too, it uses a kanban board view to make it easy to see the progress of the projects.


How to Use VirtualSpace to Create Successful Strategies


VirtualSpace has a variety of tools that let you create and manage tasks in several ways. Every feature allows you to have the greatest possible experience in the modern workplace. We'll go through each of the primary features and break them down one by one.


Stay Connected All The Time


All the real communication takes place in the chat window. You can read any message reply, use emoticons, upload files, and create tasks. It also allows you to make notes, pin chats, and share projects. Most of all, this is where you talk to people.


In the "Chats" section you can create a new channel for your team members. You just need to tap on the "+" button on the top left corner of your screen and select "Create New Channel." After naming your channel and writing a description, you can add your existing team members or external team members.


start a new channel


You can also invite other team collaborators whether it's an internal team member or an external team member. By clicking the "+" button on the top left corner then select "Invite Contacts." Then you can invite them by sending an email invitation.


invite members


In every chat window, you can make notes, set priority messages, create tasks, make acknowledgments, or even screen record.


What sets VirtualSpace from any other platform is that you are able to set priority messages to alert members. This feature is very handy when it comes to announcing something, prioritizing things to do, or setting deadlines for projects.


chat features


Another major feature is the screen record. It makes it easy to save important things that you like to refer back to. Or when you need to share clear instructions, just screen record it.


Create Project Boards to Manage Tasks