What’s New: Virtualspace Web App v1.12 Updates

7 Apr, 2023 | Read in 5 minutes

Virtualspace Web App v1.12 consists of a redesigned UI for account management, voice message, redesigned project module, and an improved invitation flow.


Let's face it, everything needs an upgrade now and then, and VirtualSpace is no exception. We're excited to announce the latest version of the VirtualSpace web application. Are you ready to see what we've got in store for you? Get ready to experience VirtualSpace like never before!

Our beloved project management and team collaboration tool, VirtualSpace, has recently released a series of updates aimed at improving the user experience and productivity. These updates include a range of exciting new features, such as a redesigned user interface for account management, a new voice message feature, a revamped project module, and an improved invitation flow.

In this article, we'll explore each of these updates in detail and examine how they can help teams work more efficiently and effectively. Let's dive in and explore all the new features and improvements to take your project management and team collaboration to the next level!

Redesigned User Interface for Account Management

Say goodbye to clunky and confusing account management! With our redesigned UI, you'll breeze through common actions like changing passwords and switching workspaces with ease.

We've packed our new user interface for account management with all the features you need, including account settings, availability, changing passwords, switching workspace, and logout. Say hello to a smoother, more intuitive user experience, and get ready to manage your VirtualSpace account like a pro!

1. Account Settings

VirtualSpace users can go to the main menu to find their account settings in the bottom left corner. Once you're there, you can change your profile information, choose how you want to receive notifications and adjust other account-related settings to fit your preferences.

The benefits: This makes it easy to personalise your VirtualSpace account and make it work just the way you want it to. Whether you want to update your contact information or change your notification settings, managing your account has never been more straightforward.

2. Changing the Password

If you need to change your password in VirtualSpace, don't worry – it's easy! Simply go to the account settings menu at the bottom left corner of your VirtualSpace main menu. Just follow the clear instructions provided.

The benefits: This makes it simple to keep your VirtualSpace account secure by updating your password regularly. With our step-by-step instructions and helpful feedback, changing your password has never been easier.

3. Availability Feature

In VirtualSpace, you can choose when you're available to work by setting your working hours. This lets your team know when you're able to work, which can help them plan their own work schedules more effectively.

The benefits: This feature can be helpful if you work remotely or on a flexible schedule. With VirtualSpace, setting your availability is a quick and easy way to keep your team informed and on the same page.

4. Switching Workspace

If you need to switch between different workspaces in VirtualSpace, you can do it in just a few clicks! Simply go to the account setting at the bottom left corner of the main menu and tap the "Switch Workspace" menu then you can choose your workspaces from the list provided.

The benefits: This makes it easy to move between different projects or teams without any hassle. With a clear list of available workspaces right there in the main menu, switching between different projects or teams has never been simpler.

5. Logging out from your account

VirtualSpace users can log out of the application quickly and easily from the main menu. This helps ensure the security of your account by preventing anyone else from accessing it while you're away. And don't worry – if you accidentally click the logout button, we'll give you a clear confirmation prompt to make sure you really want to log out.

The benefits: This way, you won't accidentally lose any work or data by logging out when you didn't mean to. With VirtualSpace, logging out is a simple and secure process that you can complete in just a few clicks.

Voice Message

With VirtualSpace's messaging feature, you can now record and send short voice messages to other users with ease. This makes communication faster and more accessible, especially for those who find it easier to speak than to type. Instead of sending a written message, you can simply record your voice and send it to the person you're communicating with. 

The benefits: This feature is great for when you need to quickly communicate something or if you want to convey a certain tone or emotion that's hard to express through text. With this new feature, VirtualSpace's messaging platform is even more user-friendly and accessible than ever before.

Revamped Project Module