6 Best Productivity Playlist that Can Be Your Workmates

17 Jun, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

Productivity playlist: 1. Classical playlist • 2. WFH playlist • 3. Coffee shop playlist • 4. Ambient music playlist • 5. Instrumental playlist • 6. Feel-good track


What's your favourite song? Music is a part of life. You can call music a tool to communicate, spend time, express emotions, and even be a best friend. Music can make you more relaxed even when your days are filled with deadlines. Music can make you more comfortable.

The melody combined with the lyrics turns out to be 911 in various situations, including being a support system when you need inspiration, being more productive, and having creative ideas. Simple, but music can accomplish a lot of things. It seems like an overreacting, but that's the truth.

How Music Can Boost Your Productivity

You still don't believe that music can increase productivity? Let's go back in time to previous studies. 

In 1993, a study discussed “Music and Spatial Task Performance.” The study explained that the performance improved for those who listened to Mozart before an IQ test. In 2005, a study published in SAGE Journals found that listening to music positively affected work for systems development.

Do you still need more evidence? Now grab your headphones or Bluetooth speakers and play some of the most suitable playlists. Then feel it. 

Here're Your Workmates

Match your mood, hobbies, and favourite genres before selecting the playlist below. Also, prepare your work equipment, such as a laptop, a comfortable workspace, some snacks, or maybe tea and coffee? 

1. Classical Productivity Playlist

Have you seen the “Mozart for Babies” CD? The CDs are circulating in music stores or even in baby gear. Many opinions say that playing a CD will make a baby genius. The Mozart Effect (the term for this phenomenon) occurred due to a study on music in 1993.

Mozart may not make you an ethical genius, but try to listen to some of the recommendations below:

2. Work From Home Playlist

There is no specific playlist type for Work From Home. But if you start to get confused about what to listen to? Try this playlist created by Owl Labs. You will be invited to adventure moods ranging from romantic and sad to excited. 

Start feeling the sensation of listening to music in your favourite space. You can start by writing your to-do list today and replying to emails piled up from last week while drinking a cup of warm ginger tea.


3. Coffee Shop Playlist

Aesthetic and comfortable coffee shops seem to have magnets. Its existence, the smell of the menu being cooked, the layout of the shop space, to the music playing like opium for remote workers.

Some people think, is it possible to work while listening to the sound of music and the noise of the shop? Doesn't it break concentration? A 2012 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that mid-level ambient noise from a store can increase creativity. But it must be in a specific resonance. 

Each person has a different level of resonance. That's why some like the noise of the cafe or the sound of cafe music. Try this playlist if you're one of these types of people:


4. Ambient Music Playlist

For those who are often distracted by song lyrics, the Lofi Beats type of music with a little chill can be your workmate's choice. There was a survey by Spotify in 2021 with 4000 adults in the US and UK respondents about Lofi's musical interests. The result is that 69% like this type of music best for increasing productivity. The reason? Because the beat is slower and calmer.

  • Lofi Beats from Spotify: minimal lyrics and focus your mind more on what you're doing. According to the description: let yourself be sunkissed with beats to chill, relax, study, code, and focus.
  • A recommendation for those of you who are studying presentations, try the Deep Focus Playlist.


5. Relax With Instrumental Playlist

The sounds that come from the chirping of birds, the friction between the leaves, and the gurgling of a flowing river sometimes have their own therapy. The melody stimulates a sense of peace and calm. The result of a sense of stability makes you more focused, think more clearly, and creative ideas will emerge. 

Try playing this sound of nature in your office, and see how your coworkers respond. A 2015 study from the Acoustical Society of America has proven that the sound of mountain streams can improve mood and work productivity in office workers.

Try listening to some of these playlists:

  • Nature by Spotify: a playlist created directly by Spotify. In this playlist, you will find birds, rain, and forest sounds.
  • Vibes Nature packaged in this playlist feels lighter and calming. For more than 6 hours, you will be spoiled by Bertov's choice of songs.


6. Feel-Good Track

Need a boost? Are you burnout and want to sing to vent your fatigue? Try a playlist with music that has a fast beat. You can fill this playlist with your favourite songs. 

A journal published by the Scientist Report says that our beloved songs can make us feel better. Stimulates the “feel-good” hormone in the brain, the same hormone when seeing delicious food.

Then, are you looking for a new favourite song? Try listening to the Good Vibes 2022 Playlist. Music from Justin Bieber, The Weekend to Billie Eilish, will lift your mood.


Why Not Combine Music and Other Tools to Get More Productivity?

Music can't immediately turn you into a very diligent and productive person. You still need the intention and effort to instill in yourself. Music can only help increase productivity, stimulate creative ideas and keep you focused.

So, why don't you combine it with other tools that support productivity? For example, tools that can:

  • Collaborate with a team to share ideas through chat or Zoom meetings
  • Grouping the most urgent deadlines to the most important
  • Keeping meeting results organized according to categories
  • Creating to-do lists that suit your personality

Music is compelling. In almost every situation, music can help relieve it. What are you waiting for? Create your playlist now!

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