6 Reasons a Communication Tool is Important for Team Collaboration

19 May, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

Effective communication is the key to maintaining a strong partnership. Especially if you are working remotely and are experiencing uncertain times. So here it is, 6 reasons a communication tool is important for team collaboration.


Effective communication is the key to maintaining a strong partnership. Especially if you are working remotely and are experiencing uncertain times.

A remote team should establish a clear line of communication. It leads to trust, results, employee morale, and productivity improvement.

Due to the pandemic, virtual communication has become more focused these days. As most teams are now working remotely. A lack of communication due to personal or technical issues can lead to unmotivated work. It then affects the entire team.

It will be different when your team uses a communication tool. They can build effective collaboration and communication while working.

The communication tools aim to make your work easier and more productive. But without the right tools, it causes your collaboration and works very challenging.

If all apps send you too many notifications, you can lose your focus. More so, it would waste your time.

According to Delloite's The Digital Workplace Reimagined study, most employees switch apps 10 times an hour. The organization's workplace productivity takes 32 days per employee per year.

Get the right results with the right technology

There are many tools you can use to communicate when a remote team has a virtual meeting with your team. Here are some of the most used methods for remote teams:

  • Video Call: Face-to-face conversations with teams across the country are easy through the video call feature. If most remote teams operate in completely different countries, team communication becomes vital. Video calls facilitate effective collaboration. It allows your team members to understand each other. This feature is a great way to have a better discussion with your team members.
  • Email: An email is a related tool for tracking communications and sending important documents related to your project. In addition, email with some valuable features is important for maintaining a business. Those features can be meeting calendars and rosters. Thus, email ensures that you receive a clear business message.
  • Chat Messaging: Chat messaging makes it easy for employees to have real-time conversations. Give your remote team access to chat messaging tools such as the VirtualSpace collaboration app. With such a tool, teams can provide feedback and make quick updates. It also allows you to connect face-to-face without waiting for an email reply.
  • Voice Call: Voice call is an easy option to talk to other team members. Especially when you need quick updates and integrations without waiting for confirmation. You can always use email or video calls as needed.

How can your remote team improve effective communication while working? 

Nowadays, there are several ways for your team to improve effective communication.

Goal Setting: Team leaders need to provide clear, consistent, and direct communication. It is vital to achieving the team goals. Important for all aspects of a particular project. 

Keep everyone connected: Effective communication can always be open. Open discussion is an essential part of team communication. For remote teams, everyone on the team must stay connected during the discussion.

Delivering a clear message: It will make your team members complete the task. It avoids complicated messages that can reap your team's goals. More so, delivering a clean message permits your team to have an easy understanding of the tasks.

Listening carefully: Listening to your team members allows you to find out about any comments or problems that need to solve. More listening is very important for every team member.

Each remote team needs a communication tool. It offers great collaboration with powerful conversation. It facilitates your remote teams and speeds up your progress within your workplace.

So why are communication tools important? And what are the types of communication tools for better collaboration?

Here it is about communication tools

Communication tools exist to help the team communicate with each other.

It consists of internal and external communication tools. The internal one is for communicating within the groups. While the external one is for customers, clients, vendors, and colleagues. Both are crucial for a powerful place of business communication.

All communication tools also can be divided into two types. Synchronous communication consists of face-to-face conversations, instant messaging, and other real-time communications.

While asynchronous conversation doesn't require a direct response. It consists of emails, recorded messages, etc.

Above all, there are reasons you must recognize in case you use them for your team collaboration. Especially when you can get those types of communication tools on one platform.

To sum up, here are 5 reasons why communication tools help your team to do a better collaboration.

The importance of communication tools for your team

1. Improve effective communication

Your remote team will need to have access to streamlined communication. It will ease the team communication between each other. Also, you can share information and resources easily. While speeding up the process will cut the wasted time.

2. Boost the team's productivity

With a communication platform, team members can start public or private discussions. It will allow you to share ideas and goals. Besides, team members can immediately give responses or feedback. It will help your team to boost their productivity in the workplace.

3. Integrating with other third-party tools

The communication tools combine any third-party platforms to meet your remote team needs. With VirtualSpace, you can also integrate with any other productivity tools.

4. Data Security 

Using communication tools provide data security for your collaboration needs. It has safety protocols to encrypt your messages, files, and data sharing. VirtualSpace offers you a platform to protect all your data.

5. Flexible access

The best thing about using a communication tool is that you can flexibly access your data. Anytime and anywhere. Whether you're using a computer or a smartphone, you can always stay connected. Accessing tasks and contributing will be easier using a team collaboration tool.

6. Saving the cost and focusing on your work

Investing in the right communication tools allows you to save costs and focus on your work. Your team will be able to do more time priority by providing only the information they need. From conversations and documents to meeting schedules. 

So you can focus on what you need most, without being distracted by other notifications. More so, you can use the communication and productivity tools feature in one platform.

Which communication tool is best for collaboration?

There are communication tools to improve collaboration. But you need to ensure that the tools are also optimized for effective remote team collaboration.

Currently, remote teams use cloud storage, Google Docs, and other tools for communication. But those tools aren't specifically for communication. These tools are specific to creating high-impact work. 

So which tools for team communication can improve team collaboration? 

For your information. It's important to choose the best communication tools. The tools that can boost productivity, and communication, provide data security, etc.

VirtualSpace is more than a communication tool. It will help your team members be more productive, stay connected, and manage projects from anywhere, anytime.

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