6 Tips to Stay Healthy When Working Remotely

23 Sep, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

Working remotely can be a great way to stay productive, but it also has its challenges. Here are six tips to stay healthy when working remotely.


For many people, working remotely is a fantastic privilege with all of its challenges. Remote workers typically work from their own desks at home, coworking spaces, cafes, etc. Sometimes it makes them focus on work and forget to take regular breaks at the same time.

Remote workers may unconsciously promote an unhealthy lifestyle that has long-term negative effects on their health. There are meetings, deadlines, and obstacles taking place. So it seems like there isn't a break time for them to prioritise.

Further, even popular before the pandemic COVID-19 outbreak, remote work became the solution for the system work in pre-pandemic and the face-paced environment. But, one survey revealed that 81% of UK and US people under 35s feel lonely when working from home. Besides, one research revealed that 85% of UK workers experience mental health issues when working remotely.

So how to stay healthy when working remotely? Let’s take a look at how to stay healthy when working remotely below:

1. Choose a cosy space

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If you’re working from home, set up the home office for the most comfortable and ideal posture. Back pain can be avoided by arranging a home office in a way that encourages healthy posture. But, if you’re working from a coworking space or cafe, choose the proper space for your posture.

According to the CDC, the ideal office chair has armrests and a seat height that enables users to put their feet flat on the ground. A person's hips and knees should form an angle of at least 90 degrees. Maybe you need additional money for a chair that supports the curve of the lower back.

Further, you can place a computer monitor position at arm's length, with the top of the screen at or below eye level. If necessary, you can increase the font size that prevents eye strain.

2. Stay connected with people

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You may find it more challenging to establish a personal connection with your coworkers when you work from different places. It's known as the "water-cooler effect" when individuals are working together in a common space, socialising comes naturally. When working remotely, workers tend to spend much of their time alone, which makes it harder for them to naturally socialise.

If you live with family or roommates, you can prevent loneliness by making social activities. Family members can engage in activities like eating meals, playing games, or watching movies together.

You can also make time to communicate with friends and family who live within distance. Using phone calls or video calls are both options for communicating with others.

3. Work-life balance with technology

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It's simple to become distracted when working remotely. Maximise the use of technology. You may set timers, reminders, and deadlines on some project management tools and applications to help you stay on target.

Try to exercise when you planned to and helps you focus on the important things. Program the priorities for the following day into your technology every morning or at the end of each day. Then stick to the rules.

You can try the time management methods, such as the Pomodoro technique, and use an online timer. Set the timing to stick to your ideal working period. For example, set a timer for 25 minutes intervals, followed by a 5-minute break. You will spend 25 minutes working on a task, followed by 5 minutes for a short break. Repeat until you get things done.

4. Eat your healthy meals

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If you work remotely, your morning routine can include waking up and starting work right away rather than following your typical routine. One of those routines for many people is having breakfast, so if you're skipping it in favour of getting started on your day, you might want to reconsider your routine.

Breakfast offers you the energy you need to start the day, so it's important to include it in your daily routine. Ensure that you eat the right amount of nutrition. Avoid unhealthy snacks, choose healthy snacks and fruits instead. Don’t forget to keep hydrated by drinking enough water.

Working remotely gives you access to a wide range of meal options, but the limitless choices can get overwhelming. Meal planning is helpful in certain situations. Making time to prepare meals on the weekend or the evening before work is known as meal prepping. Once a meal is ready, meal prep makes it go more quickly. So easy right to prep your healthy meals?

5. Move your body

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Regular exercise has a good impact on your physical and mental health. It’s important to move your body. Find out what gives you pleasure and what works for you to enhance your chances of sticking to new habits.

You can do some little cardio while you prepare your tea or coffee. What about a bit of stretching during regular breaks, or standing up to look out a different window from your working space? Try to choose activities that you enjoy doing, because all forms of physical activity are important.

Keep in mind that self-care includes taking breaks when working remotely. Take a stroll during your morning tea break to make tea or coffee and stretch. Make lunch in the kitchen when it's time for lunch.

Go get lunch in a different cafe if you’re working from a coworking space. Use the entire hour to eat, rest while listening to podcasts, or just relax. After lunch, take a brisk five-minute stroll outside before taking the afternoon break. Simply keep the activity that moves you, try to stand for a while rather than sit all day long.

6. Keep before and after routine

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As a remote worker, your commute is frequently just a few steps from your bedroom to your workspace. Therefore, there is no commute time to signal the brain when work is starting and stopping. As a result, it can sometimes be challenging to enter work mode for the whole of the day and quit it at the end of the day. Setting up before and after routines that signal your brain when to start working and when to quit is very helpful.

For example, you can keep before-work activities such as making a to-do list, breakfast, etc. Then keep after-work activities such as taking a brisk walk, relaxing, or catching up with your family. To help you form new habits and maintain consistency, try to make your routines straightforward and use the application that matters.

Wrapping up

Eating healthy meals, regular exercise, and keep good habits are healthy ways for remote workers. No matter where your location of works, these are important for your health.

Working remotely may come with some challenges that one might not experience in a usual office setting.

So, there are various actions you can do to resolve these challenges and promote your physical, mental, and emotional health. Further, good habits keep you healthy while using VirtualSpace keep up the good work.

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