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20 May, 2022 | Read in 4 minutes

VirtualSpace is an all-in-one project management platform for remote teams around the world. Register now for free and enjoy VirtualSpace Premium for the next 6 months after 3 months of activation.


The way we work is diverting. We are starting to spend more time working remotely, and this has led to the rise of remote work habits. Sometimes remote work is quite challenging. But there are many ways in which you can improve your productivity and work habits while remote working.

One of them is by using a virtual working space. It will help you stay connected with your team as well as focused on working from home or anywhere. Most platforms offer great features to ease your remote work. From managing your work to effective communication with your team. But are you wondering which platform offers the most complete features to support your remote work?

Sst... Let me tell you something! Most remote workers trust VirtualSpace to maximize team productivity. This platform supports optimal collaboration with fast and appropriate communication. It allows your team to stay on the same page while managing projects or day-to-day work.

VirtualSpace users enjoy the platform's excellence. VirtualSpace offers features for not only personal use but also business needs. From small businesses to large enterprises. Those features forge VirtualSpace to be the best version of your virtual working space. You can register for free now to enjoy premium features for the next 6 months.

Let's find out how VirtualSpace features will help your remote working teams excel.

VirtualSpace Benefits & Features for Your Remote Team

VirtualSpace facilitates team collaboration, communication, and project management. The goal is to make remote working less disruptive for your staff. As a result, your team requires a tool that can bring everyone together. VirtualSpace has major features to increase your team productivity.


The VirtualSpace chat feature allows you to have group chats with your team members. This feature also gives you the flexibility to start private conversations. Whenever and wherever you need. Your remote work team will have no trouble communicating.

You can also share visual and audio files. It also allows you to make notes, pin chats, and share projects. A unique feature of VirtualSpace is that you can prioritize a chat. With this, you can tell your team the things that matter. Thus, your team can coordinate better. Last but not least, you can perform screen recording. To share clear instructions or save important things to refer to.

Project Board

VirtualSpace allows you to arrange all of your work using a Kanban board. You may create roadmaps and deadlines. You will be able to allocate your team members to different projects to work on. So that you can keep track of all your initiatives and stay on schedule.

The project feature also helps your team to be on the same page with all the projects. Each task has details, assignee, due dates, and the status of the task. Your team can stay on top of the deadlines. The benefit for your team.

Personal Calendar

You can set up reminders and events in the personal calendar on VirtualSpace. You can also add the event name, start and end dates, notifications, event details, and even a link to the event. If you want to share the event or reminder, you can add collaborators to the event.

For those who don't want to miss an event or a deadline for your work, this feature is impeccable. By using this feature, you will no longer be chasing your work deadlines. You can stay organized without having to think too much. Because we understand that you already have a lot on your mind. It's like having your virtual personal assistant.


The VirtualSpace notes feature allows you to save and organize all your important documents and information in one place. Because we understand that keeping track of all important paperwork may be difficult. Neither to the difficulty of tracking down every document that has been misplaced.

You can create notes and share them with your team members. The notes could be information about your company, software integrations, the project flows, or else. In addition, you can also make personal notes. You can also pin your notes to make them easier to find. Also, smart character recognition helps you to find notes by only typing the keywords. You can now say goodbye to other virtual working spaces.

Conclusion: Why You Should Use VirtualSpace

Another benefit is when you're using VirtualSpace for your team you can be the administrator. You can manage and centralize security, structure, policies, and compliance. You will also be able to see the performance of each member. That way, you can make plans to move your team forward.

VirtualSpace gives you excellent features for collaboration with your remote teams. You will no longer worry about the performance of your remote work team. Because with VirtualSpace everything's under control. A comfy virtual working space increases team productivity. High team productivity boosts your business.

Register now for free and enjoy VirtualSpace Premium for the next 6 months after 3 months of activation. A very good offer, right? VirtualSpace is also available on AppStore and Google Play. Go get it now!

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