How to Choose a Project Management Tool for a Small Business

15 Jun, 2023 | Read in 4 minutes

Learn how to select the perfect project management tool for your small business. Discover the essential criteria and considerations to make an informed decision.


As a small business owner, you know the importance of efficient project management. When choosing a project management tool, it’s important to think about your business requirements.

According to a recent study by the Project Management Institute, 46% of companies prioritise systematic project management.

Project management tools streamline workflows, track progress, and facilitate collaboration, making them essential for efficient business operations handling multiple tasks and projects.

If you have a remote team, use a tool with strong communication and collaboration features. For complex projects, choose a tool that allows task division into sub-tasks.

Let’s take a look at what are the things small businesses need to consider when choosing the right project management tool. 

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Project Management Tools

1. User Interface Design

One of the most critical aspects of a project management tool is the user interface. It is essential to have an interface that is easy to use and does not require extensive training or support for your team.

When evaluating a project management tool, there are several aspects to consider.

Look for a tool with a straightforward interface that provides clear instructions and prompts to facilitate a smooth onboarding process for your team.

Customisation is also important, so consider how much you can customise the tool to fit your team's needs.

Depending on your team's requirements, you may need to adjust things like the colour scheme, layout, or font size.

If you have a specific workflow or process that you follow, look for a tool that allows for some degree of customization in this regard.

2. Simple to Use

There are many other capabilities to consider when selecting a project management tool.

For instance, you may want to look for a tool that offers video tutorials or online training, which can be especially beneficial for team members who are new to the software.

You may also want to seek a tool that provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities or integrates smoothly with other tools that your team regularly uses.

Remember, a suitable project management tool is an investment in your team's productivity and success.

Choose wisely, knowing that your choice will support your team's efforts to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential.

3. Must-Have Features

When selecting a project management tool, it is important to take into account its essential features for managing your projects.

One key feature is task assignment, which allows you to assign tasks to team members with due dates and priorities.

Another critical feature is time tracking and file sharing. Time tracking helps you monitor the time spent on tasks and projects. 

File sharing is also essential for team members to collaborate on project files.

4. Integration Ability 

It is crucial to carefully consider the necessary integrations for your business. For instance, if your team relies on Google Drive for file storage, selecting a project management tool that seamlessly integrates with Google Drive is imperative.

VirtualSpace allows you to do integration that will make your work much easier. 

To select the right project management tool, analyse its features and integrations carefully. This boosts your efficiency and effectiveness at work.

5. Pricing

When evaluating project management tools, it is crucial to consider their pricing structure and scalability to ensure long-term sustainability. 

In terms of pricing, it is essential to find a tool that fits your budget and provides the necessary features.

Keep in mind that some tools offer a free version that might suffice for small projects.

However, if you require more advanced features, you might need to consider a paid version.

6. Unlimited Workspaces

The last consideration is unlimited workspaces. As your project grows, you need a tool that can keep up with it.

Look for tools that offer flexible options for adding new users or upgrading your plan.

Consider the scalability of the tool. Will it be able to grow with your business as you take on more projects and team members? 

Make sure the tool you choose can meet your business's needs in the long term.

Project Management Tools Using VirtualSpace

VirtualSpace is a project management platform for remote collaboration that offers features such as real-time chat, project board, note-taking, task management, and dedicated communication channels.

VirtualSpace has real-time messaging for seamless communication and a project board for task planning and tracking. Dedicated communication channels are also available.

Note-taking in VirtualSpace is also available for important information.

The task management feature allows for task assignment, deadline setting, and progress monitoring, which is useful for larger projects. 

VirtualSpace offers different pricing options to suit different needs and budgets, with a free plan for smaller teams and a Pro Unlimited plan for larger teams.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the perfect project management tool for your small business may seem like a daunting task, but by carefully considering the factors we have discussed, you can make an informed decision.

Make sure to search for a tool with a user-friendly interface, the appropriate features and integrations, and a pricing structure that suits your budget.

With the right project management tool, like VirtualSpace, you'll be able to streamline your workflows, enhance collaboration, and expand your business with confidence.


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