10 Must-Have Features in a Project Management Tool

7 Jun, 2023 | Read in 4 minutes

Discover the essential features you need to look for in project management tools to help your team streamline the project.


When managing projects effectively, having the right project management tools in place is crucial. Especially when you need to boost productivity and tackle the low productivity in your team. 

For the remote work environment, it is just like a game changer for your team. Nearly 40% of workers would leave their jobs if the remote work policy was abandoned, according to research from Bloomberg.

Project management software provides a centralised platform for all your project success. 

The project management software market revenue, which Future Market Insights estimates will reach USD 20,420.6 million by 2032 with a 13.1% CAGR from 2022 to 2032, was USD 5,359.6 million in 2021.

However, with so many available options, choosing the right project management software that caters to your specific needs can be overwhelming.

So how to choose the right one with the common features we must consider?

Key Features in Project Management Tools

1. User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface is the foundation of any efficient project management tool. 

It ensures that team members can easily navigate through the software, access the necessary features, and understand the functionalities without extensive training.

Intuitive designs, clear labels, and logical organisation of information contribute to a positive user experience, reducing the learning curve and increasing adoption rates among team members.

2. Task Management

Task management is at the core of project management tools. Efficient tools allow you to create, assign, and track tasks seamlessly. 

These features enable your teams to break down complex projects into smaller ones and monitor progress. An effective task management system promotes accountability, improves communication, and ensures your projects stay on track.

3. Project Views

Project management tools offer various project views to accommodate different work styles and preferences. Let's explore some popular project views and their benefits:

  • Kanban Board

A Kanban board provides a visual representation of tasks and their progress using columns and cards. It allows team members to track the status of tasks, identify bottlenecks, and prioritise work effectively. 

Kanban boards promote transparency, and collaboration, and provide a real-time snapshot of the project's progress.

  • Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart offers a timeline-based view of tasks and their dependencies. It helps teams visualise project schedules, identify critical paths, and allocate resources efficiently. Gantt charts are particularly useful for planning and tracking complex projects with multiple interdependent tasks.

  • List View

List view presents tasks in a simplified, text-based format. It allows users to quickly scan and manage tasks without the visual complexities of other views. The list view is ideal for individuals who prefer a straightforward, no-frills approach to task management.

  • Board View

Board view, similar to Kanban boards, uses columns and cards but offers more flexibility in organising and customising workflows. It enables teams to adapt the board layout to match their specific processes and workflows.

  • Timeline

The timeline view provides a comprehensive overview of the project's duration, milestones, and key events. It helps team members understand the project's timeline, identify critical deadlines, and allocate resources accordingly. 

The timeline view is valuable to visualise the project's progress at a glance.

4. Project Report

Project management tools should offer robust reporting capabilities to provide insights into project performance. 

These project reports help project managers to identify potential issues, make data-driven decisions, and communicate progress to the team and clients.

5. Projects Timeline

A project timeline feature allows users to view multiple projects simultaneously and track their progress. 

It provides a bird's-eye view of ongoing projects, helps identify overlapping timelines, and facilitates efficient resource allocation across different projects. 

This feature is precious for project managers and teams working on multiple projects simultaneously.

6. Integration Capabilities

Integration capabilities are essential for project management tools to connect with other software and platforms seamlessly. 

VirtualSpace allows you to do integration with popular tools like Asana, Google Drive, GitHub, and Google Calendar enabling your teams to centralise information.

7. Mobile Access

Having access to project management tools on the go is essential for your teams that need to stay productive while away from their desks. 

Mobile access allows your members to manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate with colleagues anytime, anywhere. 

Whether using a smartphone or laptop, VirtualSpace empowers your team with mobile apps, desktop apps and web apps. So it can contribute to project success even when not physically present in the office.

8. Team Chat

Effective team communication is the cornerstone of successful project management.

VirtualSpace chat feature within project management tools streamlines communication and ensures that important discussions are centralised. It is also accessible to all team members. 

Real-time messaging features enable instant communication, fostering collaboration and team synergy.

9. File Storage

Efficient file storage capabilities are essential for project management tools. These tools should offer secure and centralised file storage.

A robust file storage system ensures that all project files are easily accessible, searchable, and available to the relevant stakeholders. 

Integration with popular file storage platforms, as mentioned earlier, further enhances file management capabilities by seamlessly synchronising files between the project management tool and external storage platforms.

10. All-in-one Platform

You need beyond being just a project management tool. Choose an all-in-one platform that offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your project management processes. 

Try a project management tool that provides a wide range of features and functionalities in a single platform. So you can simplify your workflow and eliminates the need for multiple tools.

Project Management Tool Using VirtualSpace

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