What’s New: Chat Improvement (VirtualSpace Web App)

22 Dec, 2022 | Read in 1 minute

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The holiday season is on the way but you don't have to worry because our R&D team is still busy making sure that VirtualSpace is chock-full of the features you all want.

As you all know, we take all matters seriously, including how you and your team communicate. Communication is the essential key to performing productive work within a team. Therefore, we have come up with some improvements and bug fixes in our latest updates on VirtualSpace.

Here's what you'll find inside:

1. Edit feature on sent messages

Here you can edit the messages you sent. If you're just aware there's misinformation, you can point out your sent message and click edit to correct your message. Or you just want to add something to that message.

2. Shared media improvement

When media is shared (picture, audio, video, link or file), it appears in the chat or channel as a thumbnail that can be clicked on to view the full media file.

Users will have the option to delete or forward the shared media. This feature helps to enrich conversations and collaboration on VirtualSpace by allowing users to easily share and view media within a chat or channel.

3. Users are able to search for team members by username

It allows users to search for team members by username. This feature makes it easy for users to find and connect with the people they want to chat with on VirtualSpace.

4. User’s timezone converter

This feature allows users to view the current timezone of messages and events in a channel or direct message conversation.

This feature helps users who are located in different time zones to coordinate and communicate effectively on VirtualSpace.


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