Product 101: Device Management in VirtualSpace

12 Dec, 2022 | Read in 1 minute

To manage all your devices in VirtualSpace, click “More” at the right bottom corner of your VirtualSpace, choose “Privacy and Security”, and then click “Manage Devices.”


Flexibility is an essential part of being a remote worker. Aside from an internet connection and a personal computer/laptop, remote workers also need a platform that supports flexibility and can be accessed from anywhere. An advanced platform that ensures not only remote workers manage their projects promptly but also gives seamless communication.

VirtualSpace assures every remote worker gets everything explained above at finger's tip. There is a feature to manage all your devices that were used to log in to VirtualSpace. It's called “Manage Device.” Here is how to set it up.

1. Open your VirtualSpace app, and click “More” at the right bottom corner of your VirtualSpace.

2. Choose “Privacy and Security” and then click “Manage Devices”.

3. There you can see all devices you use to log in to VirtualSpace with all the information regarding location, type of devices, and time when you logged in.

4. If you see something suspicious or any device that was used to log in to your VirtualSpace but you think it's not yours. Or any unusual location that's stated on the list. You can choose to log suspicious/unusual devices out of your VirtualSpace or you can just log out from all devices.

After that, you will need to change your password to a new one. Because the sign-in from those suspicious devices might indicate your VirtualSpace password might have been compromised.


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