Product 101: General Projects and Personal Projects (Mobile View)

27 Nov, 2022 | Read in 1 minute

The Product 101 series explores the General Projects View and Personal Projects View on the VirtualSpace mobile app.


The project management tool is an important part of the workplace. It helps organisations to create better products and grow. It is also essential for remote teams because it allows the team to work together in a more efficient and productive way.

Therefore, we thrive to provide the best experience with a project management tool using VirtualSpace for remote teams.

VirtualSpace mobile app gives not only easy access to managing your projects but also an intuitive interface for organising tasks.

Besides managing projects with your team, you can also set your personal tasks. It's like your personal to-do list tool. As simple as that. Download on iOS and Android now!

General Projects View

In General Project View, you can see the list of your team's projects. The list of the projects is the projects that you're included in. The projects that you're assigned to.

When you click one of the projects, you'll see the tasks in the project that are assigned to you and your teammates. 

If a task is assigned to you, there's an icon displaying your VirtualSpace profile picture in it. Not only that but you can also see who's online and viewing the project.

Each of the tasks contains a task description, the project section, assignees, deadline, level of priority, labels, subtasks, checklists, and attachments. If you have completed a task, you can click the checklist button on the left side of each task. So simple, right?

Personal Projects View

This personal project view is like your personal to-do list. Whatever you need to complete tasks and whenever you require to complete them. 

Not all about working, you can make a list of tasks for your daily chores. Or if you need to pick up your laundry, you can set a reminder of it. Or just grocery shopping. VirtualSpace helps you stay productive when and wherever you are.

Each task contains the same description as the General Projects View. It has a task description, the project section, assignees, deadline, level of priority, labels, subtasks, checklists, and attachments. 

You can also tick the task once completed. Everything you need at the tip of your finger.


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