Product 101: Time Zone Converter

30 Sep, 2022 | Read in 1 minute

Time is an important resource for every person because it is something that people cannot live without.


Time is an important resource for everyone because it is something that people cannot live without. Time is also classified according to time zones in various parts of the world. Everyone living in the world has a different time zone.

Time zones can affect how people view the world. When a person wakes up in the morning, they are waking up to the sun in their part of the world. For example, someone in Kuala Lumpur just wakes up at 5 am on Wednesday but someone in New York City might just come home from work at 5 pm on Tuesday. Kuala Lumpur and New York City have a 12-hour time difference and Kuala Lumpur has an earlier time zone because it's located in the eastern hemisphere and has an earlier time than the western hemisphere.

That's why your time is important to us. VirtualSpace genuinely values your time because we believe that time determines a person's productivity. Productivity increases due to right and proper time management. Based on that, we always deliver the best feature on VirtualSpace including the time zone converter to support your productivity.

In a channel, if your coworker or even your superior/boss who's from a different time zone from yours asks for a meeting at a specific time, when they type that specific time then the time will be automatically converted to your time zone. That way, you don't have to calculate how many hours the time difference between you and your coworkers' time zones is.

Everything's made easy on VirtualSpace. We believe that your time is so valuable that we want to contribute to making it easier to manage your time. So that you can take care of other important things. Download now and be more productive!

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