Product 101: Various Type Messages on VirtualSpace

18 Oct, 2022 | Read in 1 minute

It is essential to have effective communication in a remote team. Learn more about how VirtualSpace eases your team collaboration.


Working remotely has a lot of benefits as well as some obstacles. One problem that can arise is making sure people stay in the loop and don't miss important information. For example, when coworkers are scattered across the world it can be difficult to maintain the team's productivity.

It is essential to have effective communication in a remote team. This way, team members can work together efficiently and without any miscommunication. Communication is key for remote teams to succeed.

It's for this reason that VirtualSpace tailors a seamless chat feature to bring together all teams. VirtualSpace understands the importance of effective communication within remote teams.

Aside from the general chat feature found on various communication platforms, there are 2 additional types of messages available on the VirtualSpace chat platform. They are Priority and Acknowledge. To learn more about them, let's read the explanation about their function below.

Priority Message

Priority messages are messages that need to be dealt with as soon as possible. They are usually urgent and important.

You can set priority messages to alert coworkers, announce something, prioritise things to do, or set deadlines for projects.

Coworkers will get a notification on their devices once they got mentioned by you on a Priority message. So that they can get back to your message as soon as possible.

Acknowledgement Message

Acknowledge the work of your coworkers. Give them credit for their work. Announce something on a chat channel.

It is important to acknowledge the work of your coworkers and give them credit for their work. It is also necessary to announce something on a chat channel when it is important or urgent.

Like the Priority Message, the coworkers will get a notification on their devices once you send them an Acknowledgement message.

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