What’s New: Added and Improved Notification Feature on VirtualSpace Mobile

19 Aug, 2022 | Read in 2 minutes

Added and Improved Notification Feature on VirtualSpace Mobile


We are committed to bringing the utmost app you've ever used. That's why we keep upgrading your favourite VirtualSpace. Thus, you can feel the best experience in using a project management app for your remote team and your productivity.

We know your hard work in building business and let us ease it. Providing the seamless and most efficient app is the best we can do Because we believe that hard work will always pay off.

Many of us are choosing how, when, and where we work. A study from Future Forum shows us that 76% of knowledge workers prefer flexibility to choose their workplace, while 93% expect a flexible work schedule. VirtualSpace makes that freedom and flexibility possible by integrating your team, resources, and clients from everywhere.

To that end, we would like to enable your flexibility from anywhere. In case you missed some important notifications because you were surfing at the beach or having to watch the sunset on some paradise island. Worry no more! We have upgraded the Notification feature on your VirtualSpace mobile. So, wherever you're going with your phone, you'll never miss a single notification. Once you're ready, you can jump right into it and work your end.

Added and Improved Notification Feature

We have added and improved the Notification feature on VirtualSpace Mobile. In the previous version, you can only view the Mentions and the Projects section on the mobile notification bar. But now we have added 2 more sections to it.

  1. Priorities
  2. Acknowledges

1. Priorities

So, if your coworker or even your superior wants to give an announcement or some important and urgent messages, they can use the Priorities message on the chat bar in a channel or private conversation. Then if they tag the message using that priority feature, you will get the notification right on your mobile notification.

Priorities messages can be some projects that need to be prioritised, tasks that need to be done right away, or else. So, when someone uses that priority message feature, you know that you have to put some attention to it.

By adding the Priorities on the notification, you won't miss any other priority messages. Because it will pop up on your notification. So, the priority message won't be stacked up with other messages in a channel. You can jump right into it.

2. Acknowledges

Whenever your team member needs your acknowledgement, they can use the Acknowledgement feature on the chat bar. Or if you want to deploy some tests and you need your superior acknowledgement, you can use that feature too.

So, the person concerned can right away give their Acknowledgement to that case. For you who send the Acknowledgement, you can view who has acknowledged it.

It's the same concept as the Priorities above. We added the feature on your mobile notification to give you access whenever you want to find the Acknowledgement messages that probably have been piled up with other messages in a channel. Thus, you can just find the Acknowledgement message you probably missed before, then just click it to give the acknowledgement your team needs. As simple as it is.

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