What’s New: New Notification Feature, Tasks Transfer, and Bug Reports on Mobile

15 Jul, 2022 | Read in 3 minutes

New updates on the VirtualSpace mobile app. It consists of a new notification feature on the chat channel and project section, tasks transfer, bug reports, etc.


We at VirtualSpace aim to provide the most efficient and seamless app for all of you. That's why we proudly present our new updates on the mobile app. It will consist of a new notification feature on the chat channel and project section, tasks transfer, bug reports, etc. So without further ado, let's check them out!

New Notification Feature

Have you ever struggled to find a chat addressed to you by your coworker or boss? Or do you often miss notifications on your project board? You don't have to worry anymore because with the new updates to the notifications feature on VirtualSpace, you will have no more trouble finding notifications in your chat channel or on the project section.

The notifications bar appears on the bar below to make it easier for you to find any notifications on your VirtualSpace app. You will never miss any notifications ever again. Whether it's on your chat channels or project notifications, they will all appear there.

New notification on the chat channel

The newest update in the notification feature on the chat channel is the addition of the “@” symbol where you can click to view your chat channel notifications. You don't have to worry about missing notifications when someone mentioned you or when your boss tagged you in a task.

There will be a red dot appearing at the “@” symbol to let you know when there's a notification for you. It's easy because you just have to slide it to the left to open it and when you're done you can slide it back to the right. As easy as it is.

Project notifications

Now when your team members work on, finish, or move a task, you will be notified through a new feature of project notifications. You won't miss any updates on your project progress. Also, the project notifications make it easy for you to track your project. You can supervise efficiently.

Next is a new feature where you can set up what kind of project notifications you want to get on your mobile push notifications. Push notification is the notification you get on your mobile phone sent by the application when it's not open. Perhaps, you're concentrating on work so you might not want to get any notifications regarding your projects. You can easily switch the notifications on/off according to your preference.

Task Transfer

In this new update, you can easily transfer tasks to other projects. So, when you set up a new task but on the wrong project board, you can transfer it to the correct project. Or if you feel that the task is more suitable for another project, just transfer it. You can also duplicate and archive tasks. As simple as it is.

Bug Reports

Now on VirtualSpace, you can report bugs and request a feature. If you ever find bugs, just report them then our developer teams will squeeze the bugs. We aim to serve the best experience of VirtualSpace, that's why we don't negotiate with bugs.

If you ever come up with a feature idea that will improve VirtualSpace or something that you feel has to be on VirtualSpace, don't hesitate to tell us. We will be so glad to hear it and we'll be trying to make it happen.

Additional Updates

Besides those major updates, we also have some minor updates. If you are an external member of a workspace, you will be able to have a personal chat with other external members when you have been grouped in the same category within your chat channel.

If you are a channel admin, you can close the channel and put it in the inactive status. Then you can put the inactive channel on hold so you can open it later and reactivate it. You can also edit the sub-group to show information about the channel and everyone in it.

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