What’s New: The Latest Voice Message Feature on VirtualSpace

21 Mar, 2023 | Read in 3 minutes

Enhance your team communication with the latest update on VirtualSpace. Discover the benefits of the voice message feature for your collaboration.


The way we work has changed a lot in recent years, and remote work is now a common practice. In the age of remote work, communication has become more critical than ever. Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful teamwork.

Additionally, communication is the key to ensuring that everyone is on the same page. That is why the latest update on VirtualSpace, the voice message feature, is a game-changer for remote workers who want to streamline their communication process.

What is Voice Message on VirtualSpace?

Before discussing the voice message feature on VirtualSpace, let's see the definition of the voice message itself. According to Techopedia, voice messaging is a form of technology that enables users to send and receive messages in the form of audio recordings.

Instead of making a phone call or typing out a text message, voice messaging allows users to communicate by speaking directly into their device's microphone. This alternative method of communication is becoming increasingly popular as it allows for more flexibility and convenience.

The voice message feature on VirtualSpace is a new addition to the platform's chat bar, allowing users to send and receive audio messages. This latest update to VirtualSpace brings a new level of convenience and efficiency to team communication. By using the voice message feature, users can record and send voice notes with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for time-consuming text messages or emails.

Benefits of Using Voice Messages for Streamlined Team Communication

1. Faster communication

Compared to traditional text messages or emails, voice messages can be created and sent much more quickly. This can help to save time and reduce the need for multiple messages back and forth, making communication more efficient. By using voice messages on VirtualSpace, teams can communicate more effectively and resolve issues faster.

With the rise of remote work and online collaboration, voice messaging is becoming an increasingly popular and useful tool for teams who want to work together more effectively.

2. Improved emotion and nuance

Voice messages are more effective to express emotions and convey nuance than traditional text-based messages. With voice messaging, users can hear the tone, inflexion, and other nonverbal cues not present in written messages. This can help team members to understand each other better and build stronger relationships.

The ability to convey emotions and nuance through voice messaging can be particularly helpful in a professional setting. For example, when giving feedback or discussing sensitive issues, voice messaging on VirtualSpace can help to ensure that the message is delivered clearly and with the intended tone. This can help to avoid misunderstandings and build trust between team members.

By incorporating voice messaging into their communication process, teams can better understand each other and work together more effectively.

3. Increased accessibility

For team members who may have difficulty typing, voice messaging is an ideal solution. Individuals with disabilities or injuries that affect their ability to type can benefit from using voice messages to communicate with their team. By using voice messaging, they can participate fully in team communication without any barriers.

In addition to providing accessibility for team members with disabilities or injuries, voice messaging on VirtualSpace can also help to improve productivity. By eliminating the need to type, team members can communicate more quickly and efficiently. This can help to reduce the time spent on communication and allow team members to focus on other important tasks.

With the increasing popularity of remote work and online collaboration, voice messaging is becoming an essential tool for teams who want to communicate effectively and inclusively.

4. Time-saving and reducing confusion

The ability to provide instant feedback and clarification can help reduce confusion and ensure that everyone is on the same page. By using voice messaging on VirtualSpace, team members can provide real-time feedback, which can help to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. If someone has a question or needs clarification, they can quickly send a voice message and receive an instant response. This can help to keep communication flowing smoothly and prevent delays that might occur with other forms of communication.

Using the Voice Message feature on VirtualSpace

To use the voice message feature on VirtualSpace:

  1. Open any chat and go to the chat bar below, there is a microphone icon.
  2. Click the microphone icon and then click record.
  3. After recording your voice message, you can just send it to anyone or any channel within your workspace.


In conclusion, the latest update to VirtualSpace, the voice message feature, is a powerful tool for remote workers who want to streamline their communication process. By incorporating voice messages into their communication strategies, teams can build trust, save time, and improve overall communication. So why not give it a try and download VirtualSpace today?

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