What’s New: Updates and Improvements on Virtualspace Mobile

28 Feb, 2023 | Read in 2 minutes

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VirtualSpace, our favourite team collaboration and project management platform, has some exciting updates and improvements to share with you all. These updates include improvements to the pending list invitation feature, available caption editing, and a video player update on iOS.

Additionally, the message options have been improved, the chat list has been optimised, the project menu has been updated, and several bug fixes have been implemented to enhance the user experience. So, let's check out VirtualSpace key features improvements and updates.

1. The pending invitation list is now available

VirtualSpace users can now take advantage of the pending invitation list feature, which allows them to keep track of all their pending workspace invites in one convenient place. With the pending invitation list feature, VirtualSpace continues to make its platform more user-friendly and convenient.

2. Caption editing is now available for videos and images

VirtualSpace has introduced a new feature that allows users to edit captions for both videos and images. With this new update, users can easily update captions to better reflect the content and context of their media. 

By providing an opportunity to revise captions, users can improve the engagement and understanding of their posts. Whether you want to add a call-to-action or provide more context, the caption editing feature makes it easy to make changes to your content.

3. Message options improved

VirtualSpace has improved its messaging options, providing users with a more intuitive navigation system and quick access to essential features. Users can now easily access frequently used functions like sending photos or emojis, copying and pinning messages, replying and editing captions for the media they sent, etc. With these enhancements, VirtualSpace is dedicated to making communication within its platform more efficient and user-friendly.

4. Chat list improvement

A new chat list improvement adds a collapsed view to create a clutter-free experience for users. This feature allows users to quickly expand or collapse their chats with just one click, providing an easy and efficient way to navigate their conversations. This feature is particularly helpful for users who have a large number of active chats, as it allows them to keep their conversations organised and easily accessible.

5. Project menu updated

The project menu is optimised, providing users with improved options for faster access to key features. It is a critical tool for users to access their ongoing projects and manage them efficiently. With the new optimisation, users can now access key features with greater ease and speed.

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