7 Reasons Why People Love Remote Work

28 Dec, 2022 | Read in 5 minutes

Remote work is on the rise, with more and more people working from home. If you're curious to learn what makes remote work so attractive, read this post.


In today’s modern world, many people are starting to love remote work. There are many advantages of remote work such as the flexibility of the work, working from anywhere you want, and no need to commute. 

According to Owl Lab, remote workers will increase by 24% in 2022, 16% of employees choose hybrid work, and interest in-office work fell by 24%. Productivity also increased due to the system working remotely. Then according to Intuition, 27% of companies reported an increase in company productivity.

Remote work isn't niche anymore; it's everywhere. Anyone who frequents coworking spaces or coffee shops knows that. Slowly, virtual offices grow into hundreds to thousands. Remote work may not be for everyone, but it may be for you.

What is Remote Work?

Let's recall the true definition of remote work. Gartner said that remote working allows employees to work at remote locations. Employees can complete their work in a cafe, at home, library or even in bed.

The remote work system was not born because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's been here for 40 years. Before the dawning of the internet, everyone traded through their home. But after the internet rose, the concept of work began to develop.

In 1973, Jack Nilles coined the term “telecommuting”. In those years, video conferencing technology didn't even exist. Long before modern remote working emerged, many IBM employees worked from home to test effectiveness. In 1983, 2,000 IBM employees were doing all their work from home over the phone. At first, it looked simple, but now it's a popular trend.

Then in 2000, people got to know remote working. In 2003, video conferencing technology began to grow, and Skype was born. In 2020, the pandemic finally made the remote working system a new lifestyle.

7 reasons why people love Remote Working

Every job has its ups and downs. There are suitable and unsuitable people. Remote working is no exception, but this post will talk about why people love it. We have researched the reasons why people love remote work and here is the list.

1. Better work opportunities

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Some people may dream of working at a San Francisco startup but live in Kuala Lumpur, but they must stay home. Some live in small villages with small salaries. They want higher wages without leaving the village. Both of these issues have made remote working frowned upon by many.

They don't need to be physically present in the office. They can handle all their work at home. You can search for your dream job worldwide without leaving your seat. Plus, remote work has more opportunities if you are looking for a specific job.

2. Work-life balance

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A balanced life, and quality time with family, those two things sound challenging to achieve onsite. When deadlines strike, sometimes they have to stay in the office longer.

Today's workers want a more balanced life. They want time to exercise, quality time with family and do their hobbies. They don't want 9-5 in the office and still be stuck in traffic for two hours on the road.

The concept of remote working reduces the hours workers have to be in the office. Workers can set aside time to start a hobby or exercise. When you have an important presentation with a client, you can spend time preparing for it. You can compose a presentation in peace and practice instead of feeling frustrated sitting in the office pantry.

3. Working anywhere and anytime

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When working remotely, you are not bound by location and time. You can work from anywhere and anytime (depending on your position). You can enjoy the tea garden while carrying your laptop or sitting in your space. It's completely up to you.

Working from anywhere means not being stuck in one city or country. You can move from a big city to a village or vice versa. It's called Semigration. Semigration is also able to help improve the local economy. Several countries also offer the concept of a remote work visa. You can move to the country if you show you're working remotely and have plans for an extended stay. Your status will be a digital nomad.

4. You can explore various job opportunities

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Some people think working in one job is old-fashioned. One of the reasons why people love remote work is not to get stuck in one job. You can have two or three jobs and different companies. Of course, you need to put extra effort into taking this opportunity. A quote says that having much experience in various projects is better in this small world.

5. Boost your productivity

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Gossip with co-workers and office politics is a nuisance for some people. A survey on Udemy resulted in some distractions at work, such as:

  • 80% chatty co-workers
  • 70% office noise

Remote working increases employee productivity. This is proven in the survey FlexJobs that 60% of the 3000 more productive workers work at home. Employees can get work done faster when not in the office.

Working from anywhere doesn't mean you become an isolate. You can still communicate freely with office mates via the internet. Remote workers tend to put more effort into conversations with workmates.

6. Less commute time

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The Office of National Statistics found that daily commuters experience:

  • Reduced life satisfaction
  • Lower levels of happiness
  • Useful daily activities
  • Suffering from high anxiety

When you become a remote worker, you can reduce your daily commute. You can use the time for exercise or rest more. You can even take a walk in the park when you're bored at work. You can tuck in many activities on the way to your office.

7. Live anywhere you want

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Being a remote worker opens up opportunities for you to work while travelling. You can be in a different location to work. Taking a remote job means giving people the opportunity to choose where they want to live. You will no longer see the world as limited to a limited office space.


The seven points above are big reasons why people love the concept of working remotely. But there are simple reasons for workers' favourites, such as working according to their portion without overtime until late at night, playing their favourite podcast while working or shopping on weekdays. Remote working allows you to manage your life flexibly and as you wish. So, are you ready to give it a shot?

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