How to Use a VirtualSpace Project for Business Development Team

15 Aug, 2023 | Read in 4 minutes

Unlock the VirtualSpace projects feature for your business development team. Streamline collaboration, and drive project success with this comprehensive guide.


Navigating through the various project planners, project management software, and communication tools available today can be overwhelming. While these tools offer solutions in our digitalised world.

One survey indicates that the project management software market is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 10.67% between 2020 and 2025.

The surge in software and tools supporting organisations has met the demand for efficient services and cost-effective operations. Among these tools, VirtualSpace stands out as a management project tool for business development. 

However, do you possess the know-how to unleash its full potential for team projects and steer your company towards success?

An Overview of VirtualSpace

To begin, it's beneficial to recognise that VirtualSpace functions primarily as a team collaboration tool, the combination of project management and communication, especially for remote teams. 

Although VirtualSpace serves effectively as personal task management, its capabilities extend beyond these boundaries. Various purpose-built applications integrate seamlessly, augmenting their functionality to cater to your specific requirements.

As your business development team uses on using VirtualSpace, grasp its essence as more than just a tool – it's your gateway to enhanced teamwork, streamlined communication, and the strategic advancement of your projects.

Why Business Development Teams Use VirtualSpace?

In today's fast world, where everything is connected and technology is super advanced, business development is a bit like putting together a puzzle. 

VirtualSpace projects feature helps the new way to manage projects. We help your business teams work together online, plan things in a special space, and discuss to each other easily.

1. Working Together, Even Far Apart: VirtualSpace projects bring people together, no matter where they are. Team members can talk, share ideas, and work on things together, just like they're in the same room.

2. Making Plans Fun: When you're trying to make big things happen, you need to plan carefully. VirtualSpace projects help you plan by giving you a place to put all your ideas and tasks. You can see everything in one place and decide what to do next.

3. Getting Quick Updates: Business changes fast, so you need to keep up. VirtualSpace projects help you know what's happening right away. You can see how things are going, any changes, and when important stuff is done.

4. Using Things Wisely: Making a business successful means using your resources wisely. VirtualSpace projects help you manage your tasks, give jobs to the right people, and keep track of when things need to be done.

5. Making Friends in Business: Sometimes you need to work with other companies. VirtualSpace projects make it easy to talk and share with them. This helps you become good friends and do cool things together.

How to Use VirtualSpace for Business Development Teams: Step by Step

Here are project management tips for business development teams:

1. Create the Project

Start by logging into your VirtualSpace platform and initiating a new project dedicated to your business development goals. Select a descriptive title that clearly represents the project's objectives.

2. Invite Team Members

Navigate to the "Invite People" option within the VirtualSpace project. Enter the name of team members and select their roles (team member/admin). You can send out invitations through a link URL or scan the QR code, allowing them to access the project.

3. Use List View

Within the project, you can access the List View feature. This straightforward layout enables you to create a list of tasks, each representing a specific aspect of your business development project.

4. Add New Task

In the List view, select "Add New Task" to generate a task related to your business development endeavour. Craft a concise task description outlining the task's primary purpose.

5. Set Priority

Assign a priority level to the task within the task description. Prioritization can be indicated through labels like "High," "Medium," “Normal” or "Low."

6. Effortless Task Management

Seamlessly manage tasks in the List view as they progress. Update task statuses and move them between lists to reflect their current state.

7. Sustained Communication

Maintain ongoing communication within the VirtualSpace platform. Regularly update task statuses, share progress reports, and address challenges to ensure team alignment.

Using VirtualSpace for Better Business Teamwork

While not commonly used for direct client work, VirtualSpace can be a helpful tool to involve clients. You can make separate spaces for each client's projects and invite their team to join. VirtualSpace also lets you give clients access to specific projects.

These are just some of the cool things you can do with VirtualSpace. It's really flexible, so it works well for different types of businesses.

We believe in using technology to make businesses safer, smoother, and more focused on people. If you want your company to be at the centre of a smarter, safer, and more connected workplace.

Ready to harness the power of the VirtualSpace project management tool for your business development team? Let's take your collaboration and success to the next level.

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