How VirtualSpace Improves Automation in Business Development

24 Oct, 2023 | Read in 5 minutes

Discover how VirtualSpace elevates automation in business development. Streamline processes and boost efficiency.


Business development automation is all about using smart tools and clever strategies to make your business processes more efficient.

Imagine being able to generate leads, manage customer relationships, and reach out to potential clients without breaking a sweat. With automation tools, it's all possible. It takes the dull, repetitive tasks out of your hands.

According to a global survey conducted by McKinsey in 2020, it was found that 66% of businesses had experimented with automating their business processes within one or more functional areas. This marked a noteworthy increase of 9% from the 2018 survey, where the figure was 57%.

Let's break it down: Automation helps you find potential clients, nurture leads, and make smart decisions based on data. It's like having a helpful sidekick that takes care of all the boring bits.

Data and analytics are now at the forefront of digital transformation. It's projected that by 2023, 90% of corporate strategies will underscore the significance of data as a vital business asset and analytics as an essential skill.

We'll explore how automation can streamline project tasks, improve team collaboration, and integrate with the tools you already use. 

What Is Business Development Automation?

Business development automation refers to the use of technology and tools to streamline and enhance various aspects of the business development process. 

This process involves identifying, attracting, and nurturing potential business opportunities and turning them into profitable ventures. Business development can encompass activities like lead generation, relationship management, sales outreach, and strategic partnerships in business automation.

According to Gartner, the worldwide market for software that facilitates hyper-automation is predicted to approach almost 600 billion USD by 2023. This reflects a substantial increase from the 481.6 billion USD reported in 2020.

Automation in this context means using software, systems, and processes that can handle repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Some common components of business development automation include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Using CRM systems to manage interactions with leads and clients, track communication history, and schedule follow-ups.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Implementing tools to gather and analyse data to make informed decisions and refine business development strategies.
  • Workflow Automation: Creating automated workflows to guide prospects through the sales funnel, ensuring they receive the right information at the right time.
  • Integration of APIs: Connecting various software and tools to ensure data flows seamlessly between them, reducing manual data entry and improving accuracy.

How to Use VirtualSpace for Business Development?

In business development, the synergy of technology and automation tools has revolutionised how companies nurture opportunities. Here's how it works:

1. Automating Project Tasks

Imagine you're in charge of a marketing campaign for a new product launch. You see that a crucial task, like sending an important email newsletter, is running late. 

You check with the team member responsible, and they tell you they forgot to send the email, causing the whole campaign to fall behind schedule and lose its consistent message.

The solution is task automation. By setting up automatic reminders as the task's deadline approaches, without needing anyone to intervene, you could have prevented this campaign disruption. 

It ensures that the email newsletter goes out on time, keeping the campaign's message consistent and effective. Plus, it saves time that would have been spent fixing the issue and keeps the marketing effort running smoothly.

2. Automating Team Collaboration

Suppose you have a new client onboarding process in your business, and it requires close collaboration between multiple teams, including sales, customer support, and product development. 

You schedule a meeting to align everyone's efforts, but when you check the calendars, you notice that several team members have conflicting schedules.

Automation provides an elegant solution. You can effortlessly assign task followers, ensuring that the relevant team members stay informed about project progress and upcoming deadlines. 

This not only triggers automatic notifications but also grants them the ability to customise their notification preferences, allowing them to synchronise with their most critical work priorities.

3. Integration with Other Tools

Your VirtualSpace for business development should be able to integrate with various applications, allowing you to automate processes across your entire technology stack. 

This means that your chosen automation tools can seamlessly work with your existing software and systems. 

For example, it can integrate with your email marketing platform, Google Drive and other software you use in your business development efforts. 

This integration ensures that data flows smoothly and that automation is not limited to a single isolated tool but can be part of a larger, interconnected ecosystem.

4. Streamline Workflow

Streamlining your workflow is a key objective when using automation tools in your virtual space for business development. This involves simplifying and optimising the sequence of tasks and processes that make up your business development activities. 

By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, you can ensure that work progresses smoothly and efficiently. 

For example, you can set up workflows that guide leads through the sales funnel, automatically assign tasks, and trigger notifications at key milestones. 

The goal is to reduce manual intervention, minimise errors, and increase productivity, ultimately improving the efficiency of your business development operations.

5. Visualise Your Tasks

In your virtual space for business development, the ability to visualise tasks is invaluable. This means having tools and features that allow you to create clear and intuitive visual representations of your tasks, projects, and processes. 

For example, you might use Gantt charts or Kanban boards to provide a visual overview of project timelines, task progress, and work allocation. 

Visualisation simplifies complex information, making it easier to understand and manage the various elements of your business development efforts. It enhances communication, coordination, and decision-making among team members and stakeholders.

So you can contribute to more effective and efficient project management.

Enhance Your Workflow Efficiency with Business Automation

Business process automation holds the power to supercharge your team's productivity. It has the potential to transform numerous aspects of your operations, from streamlining onboarding procedures to boosting customer satisfaction.


Why not experience the benefits firsthand? Try a free project management tool using VirtualSpace today and witness the transformative impact of automation on your business processes.

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