Product 101: QA Tester Documentation with VirtualSpace Projects

4 Aug, 2023 | Read in 4 minutes

Discover Product 101, your comprehensive guide to QA Tester Documentation with VirtualSpace Projects. Learn essential techniques for your QA team.


Even if you are a Software Tester or Quality Assurance (QA) professional, you can use VirtualSpace to manage projects with your own unique skills and strategies. So you can deliver high-quality results. 

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you the process of creating and managing projects as a QA expert in the VirtualSpace management project tool. Let's get started!

What is Test Documentation? 

One article from QA Madness shows that test documentation comprises a collection of materials created prior to and during the testing phase. It encompasses details about test coverage, execution procedures, essential elements, and fundamental terminology. 

Essentially, test documentation serves as a comprehensive resource that any team member can refer to for a complete understanding of all past and future testing activities.

Why Does Tes Documentation Matter?

The importance of QA team documentation in software development and testing processes cannot be overstated. 

Proper documentation is a crucial aspect of maintaining high-quality software products and ensuring a smooth and efficient testing workflow. Here are some key reasons why QA team documentation is important:

  • Knowledge Sharing: It enables valuable information sharing among team members, ensuring smooth knowledge transfer during team changes or expansions.
  • Consistency: Well-documented test cases and methodologies ensure a standardized approach to testing, leading to reliable results.
  • Collaboration: Proper documentation fosters better collaboration with stakeholders, minimising misunderstandings and delivering high-quality software.
  • Traceability: QA documentation links test cases to requirements, ensuring alignment with project objectives and accountability.
  • Bug Reporting: Detailed documentation streamlines bug reporting and resolution, enhancing efficiency.
  • Process Improvement: Insights from documentation lead to better testing practices and increased efficiency.
  • Continuity: Documentation supports long-term maintenance and effective testing as the project evolves.

The QA team documentation through project management tools contributes to project success. It embraces active collaboration and delivers high-quality software products. Let's see how the project management tool helps QA documentation below.

Creating and Managing Projects 

Creating and managing projects involves the process of initiating and overseeing project activities. Here are step-by-step guides you can do with VirtualSpace.

1. Creating a Project

To begin, familiarise yourself with the concept of VirtualSpace project features.

Create a VirtualSpace project where teams can work together and organise related tasks. As a QA, you can use it for bug tracking, test management, and collaborating with others. 

You can easily switch between different views like a Board, List, Gantt Chart, and Timeline.

  • Log in to your VirtualSpace account and click on the "Project" menu in the left sidebar. This will give you access to all your existing projects.

VirtualSpace, Project Features

  • Once you're in the Project dashboard, click on the "+" button to create a new project.

VirtualSpace, Creating a New Project

  • Fill up the project name and description to give a clear overview of the project's purpose and goals.

  • If you need to create a dedicated communication channel for the project, click the "Create also Group Channel" option.

VirtualSpace, Setting Up Project Details

  • After providing all the necessary project details, click on the "Create Project" button to create the new project successfully.

VirtualSpace, Creating the Project 

2. Creating Tasks and Sections

Once your project is complete, VirtualSpace comes in handy, enabling you to establish tasks and sections. You can manage and invite team members, ensuring a clear and smooth workflow for your team from initiation to conclusion.

  • On the project table list, you'll find buttons to create new tasks and new sections. Sections can be used to organise tasks (e.g., Bug Report, In Progress, Done).

VirtualSpace, Creating New Section

  • Click on the "New Section" button to create a new section. Give it the right name e.g. Bugs Report.


VirtualSpace, Creating New Section

  • Within the newly created section, click "Add New Task" to display the task creation form.

VirtualSpace, Creating a New Task

  • Fill up the task name and description to provide clear information about the task requirements.

VirtualSpace, Task Section

  • Click on Description and fill up the description to provide transparent information about the task requirements.

VirtualSpace, Section

Assigning the Team Members

Ensure clarity of responsibilities by allotting tasks and assigning the right deadlines. This way, everyone is well aware of their specific responsibilities and the designated timeframe for accomplishing them.

VirtualSpace, Assign to the Team Members

Setting Up the Priority Levels

  • Set the priority level based on its importance.

VirtualSpace, Priority Levels

Adding Labels

  • If the task requires labelling (e.g., Bug), create a new label or select an existing one from the label dropdown.

VirtualSpace, Adding the Labels

Custom Fields

  • Add custom fields like "Severity" to provide more detailed information about the task if needed.

VirtualSpace, Custom Fields

Adding Attachments 

  • Scroll down to the attachment section, and click "+" to add relevant files or documents to the task.

VirtualSpace, Adding Attachments

Creating Task Button

  • After filling in all the task details, click on the "Create Task" button to add it to the project.

VirtualSpace, Task Button


3. Organising Your Tasks

  • The task will be displayed in both the table list view and the board view for better tracking.

VirtualSpace, Table List View


  • When the task is completed, mark it as "Complete" to indicate that the bug has been resolved.

VirtualSpace, Task Completion


  • Alternatively, move the task to the "Done" section to streamline task tracking.

VirtualSpace, Done Section


4. Keep Moving Forward Your Projects

Great job! You've successfully managed a project using VirtualSpace as a QA. But before you start the next one, take a moment to think about how it went.

Just remember that VirtualSpace keeps getting better with new features and updates, and your team will also learn and improve as they use it. 


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