Product 101: Sharing Files Made Easy on VirtualSpace Mobile App

30 Dec, 2022 | Read in 1 minute

You can share files from any app on your mobile device to VirtualSpace. Read this article to learn more.


Have you ever had trouble sharing images, files, or data on your mobile device's apps? Often we experience difficulties when we use a certain chat application and there are files or images that we want to share via other applications. Then we have to download the file or image first and send it via the app we want to use.

VirtualSpace understands the difficulties we have when it comes to sharing files. Therefore, we enhance the VirtualSpace sharing feature to accommodate users who need to share files, images, and data in a blink of an eye. Everything is at the tip of your finger. So let's get to it.

Let's say you want to share an image from WhatsApp to VirtualSpace. Click the “send file” button at the right bottom of the image that you open. Then click “Share”.

After that look for the VirtualSpace icon then tap it. You'll see 2 options to share. So you can choose whether to share the image to your VirtualSpace personal chat feature or share the image as a task for a certain project on VirtualSpace. You can use this feature to share any file. As easy as it is.


Wrapping Up

VirtualSpace offers a seamless solution for effortless file sharing between applications. 

Say goodbye to the frustration of downloading and re-uploading files. 

Try a free project management tool using VirtualSpace and experience streamlined mobile productivity. 


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