What’s New: VirtualSpace’s Chat Features Enhancement

18 Aug, 2023 | Read in 4 minutes

Discover the latest enhancements in VirtualSpace's chat features. Experience seamless teamwork today.


At VirtualSpace, our main goal is to help teams stay focused and work together better. We want to make it easier for teams to work without switching across different tools and apps.

We all know that using lots of different tools can slow us down. A study in 2022 shows that each person had to switch around 350 times between 22 different apps and websites. On an average day, this meant that one employee had to keep changing between apps more than 3,600 times. That's a whole lot of switching!

But there's good news – we have a solution to this! This week, we're excited to introduce some new upgrades to VirtualSpace. These upgrades will help teams switch between tasks less often and get more done.

We're also making VirtualSpace work even better with our Chat Features. This means teams can work smoothly and not waste time switching between them.

Power Up Your Messages with VirtualSpace’s Features

1. Unread Message Tracker

VirtualSpace, Dropdown counter to track unread messages

We understand the importance of keeping track of unread messages in a bustling workspace. 

That's why we've introduced a convenient dropdown counter that elegantly displays the number of unread messages, ensuring that you never miss a beat. 

With this intuitive feature, you can effortlessly manage your conversations and prioritise your responses, enhancing your work efficiency.

2. Channel Information Makeover

VirtualSpace, Channel Information

Navigating through channels has never been more visually appealing. Our chat interface has undergone a sleek UI makeover for channel information. 

Discover a cleaner, more intuitive design that enables you to access vital details with ease. 

Whether you're joining a new channel or catching up on updates, the revamped interface ensures a seamless experience that keeps you engaged and informed.

3. Customised User Profiles

VirtualSpace, User profiles information

Your profile is your virtual identity, and we believe it should reflect your personality. With our polished new user profiles, you can showcase yourself in style. 

Enjoy an upgraded layout that beautifully presents your information, making connections with colleagues and team members more engaging than ever before.

4. Revamped UI for Inviting People

VirtualSpace, Invites people


Inviting people to your channel or workspace is now a more visually appealing and user-friendly task. 

The revamped UI enhances the invitation process, ensuring that adding new members as internal or external team members to your discussions is both straightforward. 

Collaborative efforts are now just a click away, fostering stronger connections within your virtual community.

5. Effortless Channel Join Requests Management

VirtualSpace, Manage to join channel requests

Managing requests to join channels has never been simpler. Our latest update streamlines the process, allowing you to effortlessly oversee and respond to join requests. 

You can approve, or reject the join request. Say goodbye to unnecessary complications and hello to a more efficient workflow as you curate your workspace according to your preferences.

6. Performance-Boosting Bug Fixes

We've taken the time to address various bugs and optimise performance to provide you with a smoother and more reliable chat experience. 

Expect fewer interruptions and seamless communication as you navigate through VirtualSpace.

Benefits of Chat Features 

Effective communication can boost your teamwork and productivity. Chat features, when thoughtfully designed and integrated, bring various advantages that empower workers and drive efficiency. Here's how:

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Chat features facilitate instant communication, enabling workers to exchange ideas, updates, and information in real time. This immediacy eliminates the need to wait for responses, leading to faster decision-making and seamless collaboration.
  • Global Connectivity: In a globalised workforce, chat features break down geographical barriers. You can connect, communicate, and collaborate with colleagues, clients, and partners from around the world, fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment.
  • Reduced Email Overload: Long gone are the days of drowning in a sea of emails. Chat features provide a more concise and focused communication channel, helping you sift through information more efficiently and locate essential details without sifting through lengthy email threads.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Quick exchanges and updates through chat allow you to stay informed without disrupting your workflow. This translates to reduced context switching and increased focus on tasks, ultimately boosting productivity.
  • Clear Documentation: Chat platforms serve as a record of conversations, ensuring that important discussions, decisions, and project updates are documented and easily accessible. This helps in accountability, knowledge sharing, and historical reference.
  • Casual Communication: Beyond formal discussions, chat features enable you to engage in more casual and informal conversations. This promotes team bonding and strengthens relationships even in remote or virtual environments.
  • Swift Issue Resolution: In case of challenges or roadblocks, you can seek help or guidance through chat, receiving prompt assistance and solutions. This accelerates issue resolution and keeps projects moving forward smoothly.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Chat features are often accessible across devices, you can stay connected whether you’re at your desks, on the go, or working remotely. This flexibility ensures that communication remains uninterrupted, enhancing overall team coordination.
  • Notification Control: Customisable notification features, allow you to manage alerts based on your preferences. This prevents unnecessary interruptions and supports a more focused work environment.
  • Integration with Workflows: Seamlessly integrate with other tools and applications, streamlining workflows and enabling workers to access relevant information and updates without leaving the chat interface.

Stay Connected 

We're not just enhancing your chat experience – we're shaping the way you collaborate, communicate, and conquer challenges. Embrace the future of teamwork with VirtualSpace's transformative chat enhancements.



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