VirtualSpace as a Fast-Growing SaaS in Malaysia

3 Aug, 2022 | Read in 2 minutes

With over 150 registered companies and organisations and 450+ registered end users, VirtualSpace is climbing the ladder of SaaS competition in today's business world.


Many businesses are now using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a major element of their everyday operations. In fact, there are many SaaS apps available to improve corporate operations while lowering IT expenses and responsibilities. It also consists of cloud-based CRM systems that increase revenue and ticketing systems that enhance customer service.

According to Gartner, revenue from SaaS platforms will result in close to $138,261 billion in 2022. It comes as no surprise that the worldwide pandemic is the cause of this surge. It has compelled organizations to transition to remote labour in order to stay connected and afloat in the current business circumstances.

An Overview of SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a method of distributing and licensing software that customers may access online with a subscription; it is hosted by a third-party provider that performs automatic software upgrades and maintenance.

You may simply access it in this way from any device, at any time as long as you have an internet connection. SaaS unquestionably bypasses the installation procedure used by software distributors.

SaaS liberates businesses from setting up and operating their own computers and data centres, according to Tech Target. The elimination of hardware procurement, provisioning, and maintenance costs allows for the elimination of software licensing, installation, and support costs as well.

VirtualSpace as SaaS

The world of Software as a Service has never been more developed. Millions of companies compete to be the greatest. With over 150 registered companies and organisations and 450+ registered end users, VirtualSpace is climbing the ladder of SaaS competition in today's business world.

We're on a mission to increase your remote team's productivity by providing an ultimate, all-in-one project management platform. Besides being a seamless communication tool, VirtualSpace also brings you a cutting-edge collaboration tool by fulfilling the state of digital transformation for your company.

Instead of letting your team drown in piles of project details, VirtualSpace provides a robust project management feature. It helps your team grow productivity while staying on top of deadlines. Managing projects has never been easy before.

Committed to delivering the utmost SaaS app, VirtualSpace has all your work centralised. You will never get lost in piles of documents or any other important information, again. You can also integrate your favourite apps with ease to support your work. Everything is at the tip of your finger. It's like having a productivity hack at your side.

Final Thoughts

VirtualSpace is aiming to be the fastest-growing SaaS business in Malaysia. By providing excellent service, VirtualSpace is capable to serve the needs of any range of businesses. From a small business to a large enterprise, subscribing to VirtualSpace will be the best choice to increase the productivity of your team and convert revenue. Download now and feel the experience of using the easiest SaaS app in the industry!

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