VirtualSpace Mobile App 1.15.0: Smart Reply & Enhancements

6 Oct, 2023 | Read in 2 minutes

Upgrade to VirtualSpace App version 1.15.0 for an enhanced mobile experience! Unleash the power of Smart Reply and enjoy a host of exciting enhancements.


We're thrilled to unveil the latest VirtualSpace Mobile App – version 1.15.0! Loaded with awesome features, this update is designed to enhance your mobile messaging and project management experience. 

PwC reports that project management software is used by 77% of project teams showing high levels of productivity. 

The addition of Smart Reply is a game-changer because it saves time and effort by providing quick, contextually relevant responses, making communication more efficient and hassle-free. 

Get ready for an upgraded and more convenient way to connect and manage projects on your mobile!

Let's dive into what's new update:

1. Smart Reply Setting

We've introduced a groundbreaking feature – Smart Reply Setting- in response to user feedback. 

Now, you have the freedom to personalise your messaging experience by disabling smart reply suggestions in the app settings. Customise your interactions to match your preferences for a truly bespoke messaging journey.

Smart Reply Setting

Suggestions if Smart Reply Setting is Enabled

2. Streamlined Project Task Section Menu

We understand the importance of seamless navigation, especially when managing projects. In version 1.15.0, we've revamped the task section menu, making it smoother and more intuitive. 

This enhancement ensures that managing your projects is now more effortless than ever.

Section Menu Improvement

3. Boost Productivity with Bulk Actions for Tasks (V2)

Our commitment to enhancing productivity continues with Bulk Actions for Tasks (V2). 

Perform tasks such as moving, marking as done/undone, and deleting in bulk effortlessly. Streamline your task management processes, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Bulk Action Menu

4. Transfer Tasks (V2)

Efficiently reallocate tasks between projects with the new Transfer Tasks feature. 

This dynamic addition adds a layer of flexibility to project management, empowering you to manage your tasks where they are most effective.

Transfer Task (V2)

What’s More in VirtualSpace Mobile App version 1.15.0?

  • Create Project (V2): Creating a project is now more seamless than ever with enhanced features in version 1.15.0. Initiate and manage your projects with precision, ensuring a smooth and efficient project management experience.
  • Convenient Access to Attached Images: In this update, you can now open attached images directly from your tasks, providing a more convenient way to view and manage task-related images.
  • Streamlined Project Notifications: Managing project access requests has never been easier. With the introduction of reject and approve buttons in project notifications, you can effortlessly control your project interactions.
  • Request Project Action: Access a project URL or task on the app and initiate a "Request Project" action for a smoother workflow. This feature is designed to enhance collaboration and streamline communication within your projects.

Bug Fixes 🐞

Version 1.15.0 also includes bug fixes to ensure a smoother, more reliable VirtualSpace mobile app experience. 

Your satisfaction is our priority, and these fixes contribute to an even more robust application.

To Sum Up

We hope these new features empower you to spend less time on manual tasks and more time on the work that truly matters to you. 

To experience these enhancements firsthand, simply update your VirtualSpace Mobile App to version 1.15.0 today. 

Should you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated support team is ready to provide the help you need.


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