What’s New: Easily Turn Messages into Tasks with VirtualSpace Web

5 Oct, 2023 | Read in 3 minutes

Check out the latest in VirtualSpace Web! Now, effortlessly turn your messages into tasks for a smoother workflow. Discover simplicity in productivity here!


When you wish to generate a task based on the content of a message for efficient task management, there's no need to input all the details again. Instead, simply click on the message and access the “Add as Task” section within your chat message.

But that's not all! We've recently introduced some exciting new features to enhance your task management experience. Now, you can duplicate the message's contents, excluding attachments, directly into the body of a new task. This means you're not just saving time; you're taking your efficiency to the next level.

Creating a task like this is akin to starting over but without the hassle of retyping the same information. The message bits fit smoothly into the new task, allowing you to concentrate on what's truly important.

And, of course, like any task, you still have the flexibility to set a due date, add a reminder, or assign it to team members.

New Features:

1. Turn Messages into Tasks

Now, you can turn messages into tasks with just one click. It's super easy and helps you keep track of important stuff without any hassle.

2. Focus on the Task Name

When you create a task, VirtualSpace Web now makes things simpler by automatically putting your cursor in the task name box. No more extra clicks – it's all about saving your time.

Convert Message to Task

Bugs fixes:

Attachment Escape Key Issue:

Before, pressing the escape key while dealing with attachments didn't work well. Now, it's fixed. Moving around attachments is smoother than ever.

Mentioning in Attachments:

You can now mention others smoothly when you send attachments. No more issues. Collaboration is easier and glitch-free. Feel free to mention others while sharing files.

What do You Get from Turning Messages into Tasks?

1. Effortless Task Creation

Easily convert important messages into tasks with a single click. No need to switch between tabs or spend time copying and pasting information. Streamline your workflow with seamless task creation.

2. Time-saving Duplication

Duplicate message contents directly into the body of a new task, excluding attachments. Save valuable time by eliminating the need to retype information. So you can focus on the task at hand, not the tedious data entry.

3. Focused Task Management

You can place your cursor automatically in the task name box, allowing you to concentrate on defining your task without unnecessary clicks. It's a simple yet powerful enhancement that enhances your overall task management experience.

4. Flexible Task Customisation

Just like any other task, enjoy the flexibility to set due dates, add reminders, or assign tasks to team members. VirtualSpace Web adapts to your unique workflow, ensuring your tasks align with your priorities.

Why Turn Messages into Tasks Matters in VirtualSpace Web

Efficiency significantly contributes to a smoother, more streamlined work experience. Here's why this functionality matters:

1. Seamless Integration

Turning messages into tasks eliminates the need for redundant data entry. It seamlessly integrates your communication and task management, ensuring that important details are effortlessly carried over without manual effort. 

This integration optimises your workflow, saving you time and reducing the risk of information loss.

2. Instant Task Creation

With the ability to turn messages into tasks with just one click, VirtualSpace Web helps you to instantly create actionable items from your conversations. 

It's a direct pathway from discussion to action, facilitating a more responsive and dynamic approach to task management.

3. Focus on Priorities

By enabling users to duplicate message contents into the body of a new task, excluding attachments, VirtualSpace eliminates unnecessary distractions. 

This feature allows you to concentrate on the essential aspects of your tasks rather than spending time on repetitive data input. It's a strategic move towards a more focused and productive work environment.

4. Enhanced Collaboration

Tasks often arise from discussions and collaborations. The "Turn Messages into Tasks" feature ensures that relevant information from discussions is seamlessly converted into actionable items. 

This not only enhances individual productivity but also promotes smoother collaboration within teams by providing clarity and context.

5. Flexible Task Management

The ability to set due dates, add reminders, or assign tasks to team members remains intact, maintaining the flexibility and customisation options you need for effective task management. 

VirtualSpace Web adapts to your specific workflow requirements, making it a versatile tool for your diverse work scenarios.

Wrapping Up

VirtualSpace Web's Chat Upgrade is all about making your work easier. The new features, like turning messages into tasks and the focus on the task name, along with fixing bugs, make it a friendlier place for you. 

Get ready for a more efficient way to chat and manage tasks with VirtualSpace Web's latest upgrade. Your work just got a whole lot simpler!


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