What’s New: Focus Mode on Virtualspace Mobile

17 Aug, 2022 | Read in 0 minutes

Discover the Focus Mode on VirtualSpace mobile and feel the benefits.


The Focus Mode on VirtualSpace mobile helps users focus on the task at hand and block out distractions. In this mode, you can use the app without being distracted by other notifications or messages. Not only on the mobile, but you won't get VirtualSpace notifications on the web as well.

It is a new way to help people focus and stay productive. The update also includes a redesigned user interface and an improved VirtualSpace mobile app. Also, there are some benefits of this Focus Mode such as helping you avoid burnout and exhaustion and getting more done in less time.

How to activate the Focus Mode

It takes only 2 simple steps to active the Focus Mode on VirtualSpace mobile.

1. Open your VirtualSpace mobile and click “More” on the bottom right corner.

2. Click or swipe to the right the “Focus Mode” on the top.

3. When the “Focus Mode” is on then you’re good to go.


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