What's New: Project Discussion, Task Details, Custom Workflow, and Project Timeline

11 Aug, 2023 | Read in 4 minutes

Discover VirtualSpace's new updates. Elevate your efficiency with project discussion, task details management, custom Workflow, and project timeline features.


Imagine you're crafting an exciting update for your project. The first step? A good discussion. 

We're diving into the world of discussions – where ideas come to life, plans get made, and your project takes a step toward greatness.

We've been paying close attention to your feedback after our recent update. We’ve made some exciting changes based on your suggestions. These include project discussion features, task details, custom workflow, and project timelines

But first thing first, here is the overview of the project discussion for your team, why it matters, and how you can visualise the project discussion with our new feature updates.

An Overview of Project Discussion

For example, imagine a software company gearing up to enhance its flagship mobile application.

The project discussion is convened with the entire cross-functional team in attendance, including developers, designers, quality assurance experts, and product managers. 

The goal? To discuss and plan an upcoming update that will introduce new features and improve user experience. Here are the tips to set up project discussion for your team:

1. Clear Objective Definition

The project discussion kicks off with the product manager articulating a clear objective: "Enhance user engagement through innovative features while ensuring a seamless transition for existing users."

2. Brainstorming and Ideation

Team members share ideas for potential features: improved navigation, personalised content recommendations, and a revamped user interface. During this phase, the designers present mock-ups of potential design changes.

3. Feasibility Analysis

Developers weigh in on the feasibility of proposed features, considering technical challenges and resource availability. For example, the feasibility of implementing complex animations is discussed, along with potential alternatives.

4. Scope Definition

The scope of the update is defined, outlining the features that will be included in the upcoming release. This helps prevent feature creep and ensures a focused update.

5. Resource Allocation

Based on the scope, the team discusses resource allocation. Developers estimate the time required for each task, and the project manager ensures that tasks are distributed evenly and realistically.

6. Risk Identification

The team identifies potential risks, such as technical complexities or compatibility issues with certain devices. Strategies for mitigating these risks are discussed and documented.

7. Timeline and Milestones

A timeline is established, breaking the project into milestones and setting deadlines for critical deliverables. This ensures a clear roadmap for execution.

8. Communication Plan

The team outlines a communication plan, determining how updates will be communicated internally and externally. Regular status updates and feedback loops are established.

Why do Effective Project Discussions Matter?

The example above highlights how project discussions are important in shaping the course of your project. So you can do team collaboration, and plan smoothly. Here are the reasons why project discussion matters for your team:

  • Ensure Clarity: Clear objectives and well-defined scopes prevent confusion and misunderstandings.
  • Promote Innovation: Brainstorming and ideation sessions encourage the generation of creative and impactful ideas.
  • Mitigate Risks: Early risk identification and mitigation strategies safeguard against potential pitfalls.
  • Optimise Resource Utilisation: Thoughtful resource allocation prevents overburdening team members and ensures efficient progress.
  • Enhance Communication: A well-structured communication plan ensures that team members stay informed and engaged throughout the update process.
  • Drive Accountability: Established timelines and milestones foster accountability and motivate team members to deliver on schedule.

Embracing Project Discussion for Your Team with VirtualSpace

In case you might have missed any of these updates, here's a quick recap of all the fantastic new updates:

1. Project Discussion

Effortlessly keep your teams aligned and boost productivity with our enhanced project discussion feature. Now, you can create dedicated discussion channels for each project or seamlessly link your existing channel groups to a project. Share updates, exchange ideas, and maintain clear communication in a central location.

VirtualSpace, connect an existing channel

VirtualSpace, create a new project discussion channel

2. Refined Task Details

We've supercharged the task details section to empower you with greater precision and control over your tasks. Assignees will appreciate the improved timeline management, featuring actual start and due dates. 

In addition, we've introduced estimated and actual timelines, allowing you to effortlessly monitor task duration and optimise resource allocation.

VirtualSpace, estimate start & end date, actual start & end date 

3. Custom Fields

We understand that every project is unique. Introducing our exciting new custom fields feature, which empowers you to tailor the tool to match your specific workflow. Easily adapt available fields to capture essential information for your project's success, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

VirtualSpace, create and manage custom fields in settings 

VirtualSpace, create a new custom field in task details

VirtualSpace, input custom field in a table list 

VirtualSpace, input custom field in task details

4. Project Timeline Mastery

Our enhanced project timeline feature enables you to monitor advancements by sections or milestones. Zoom in for granular insights or take a broader view of your project's overall journey—achieving mastery over your project timeline has never been easier.

VirtualSpace, Project Timeline

Making Good Talks Work for You

To have productive discussions, try these tips:

Everyone's In: Invite team members from different roles. This brings varied viewpoints to the table.

Write It Down: Keep notes during your talk to remember what was said. Oh, you can use the VirtualSpace Note feature to help you jot down the important things.

Talk, Adjust, Repeat: Keep talking as things change. It helps you adapt your plans when needed.

Stay Updated: Regularly check in with each other to make sure everything's on track.

Wrapping Up

Having good discussions is the secret ingredient for awesome product updates. By talking it out, you make sure everyone's on the same page, bring fresh ideas to the table, and avoid unexpected bumps in the road.

As you start making your projects better and better, consider exploring the management tool feature of VirtualSpace Project. So you can visualise your team's progress.

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