What’s New: VirtualSpace Web - Chat 1.8.0

17 Nov, 2023 | Read in 1 minute

Explore the latest enhancements in VirtualSpace Web - Chat 1.8.0! Discover a seamless communication experience with new features, fixes, and optimisations


Catch up with everything new in VirtualSpace. We are thrilled to introduce the latest version of VirtualSpace Web - Chat (version 1.8.0), packed with exciting features and fixes to elevate your communication experience. 

Here's a quick feature of what's new:

1. Notification in Chatroom

The Significance of Notifications:

Effective communication hinges on timely information. The newly implemented notification feature is a game-changer, designed to keep users abreast of crucial updates within their chatrooms. 

Whether it's a significant announcement, a response to your message, or a noteworthy event, our system ensures you are never out of the loop.

Customisation for Personalised Experience:

Understanding that not all updates carry equal weight, our notification system allows for customization. Users have the flexibility to customise their notification preferences, choosing what types of updates they want to receive. 

Whether it's mentions, announcements, or specific keywords, VirtualSpace Web - Chat 1.8.0 empowers users to curate their notification experience.

2. Redesign the Right Sidebar

  User-Centric Customisation:

Understanding that each user has unique preferences, the redesigned right sidebar also incorporates customisation features. Users can personalise the sidebar layout, pinning their most-used channels or tools for quick access. This adaptability empowers users to tailor their virtual workspace to suit their workflow.

User Feedback Integration:

To ensure that the redesign aligns with user expectations, we actively seek and incorporate feedback. VirtualSpace Web - Chat 1.8.0 encourages users to share their thoughts on the new right sidebar design, enabling continuous improvement and refinement based on real-world usage.

Wrapping Up

VirtualSpace Web - Chat version 1.8.0 emerges as a game-changer, introducing a host of features to revolutionise your communication experience. 

The newly implemented Notification in Chatroom feature ensures you stay effortlessly informed, from significant announcements to responses and noteworthy events. 

With customisation options allowing you to customise your notification preferences, VirtualSpace Web - Chat 1.8.0 empowers you to curate an experience that aligns precisely with your communication needs. 

Explore the possibilities and try VirtualSpace Web - Chat 1.8.0 now, where every interaction is seamlessly tailored to you.


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