What's New: VirtualSpace Web 1.7.0: User-friendly Chat and More

3 Nov, 2023 | Read in 2 minutes

Discover user-friendly communication and enhanced collaboration with VirtualSpace Web 1.7.0. Enjoy your easy Chat feature and more!


We are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements in the VirtualSpace web 1.7.0 version, promising to revolutionise the way you communicate and collaborate. 

With these updates, you'll experience increased efficiency, improved user-friendliness, and a more seamless interface in chat features and more.

Let's dive into the details and see how each update can boost your productivity.

1. Enhanced Message Forwarding

Forward Message

Forwarding messages is now more efficient and user-friendly, ensuring seamless communication. 

You can share important information or a hilarious meme, this feature makes it easier than ever. With improved message forwarding, you can save time and effortlessly keep your conversations going.

2. Intuitive Chat Room Design

Intuitive Chat Room

Say hello to a brand new and intuitive design in the chat room, designed to elevate your interactions. This revamped interface enhances your user experience, making it simple to connect and engage with your teammates. 

The new design simplifies navigation and adds a touch of sophistication to your chat room, creating a more enjoyable space for communication.

3. Streamlined Channel Invitations

Channel Invitations

We've improved how you invite people to your channel, now allowing you to invite a bulk of members at one click, making it easier and more straightforward than ever before.

Whether you're engaged in a collaborative project or simply reconnecting with friends, the act of inviting participants to join your channel has become an effortlessly in one click. It can help you to focus on the content and conversations that hold the utmost significance.

4. Improved Message Actions

Message Action

Our message actions have undergone significant improvements to offer you a smoother interaction. 

From reacting to messages to managing your conversations, these enhancements will make your communication experience more efficient and enjoyable. You can now express yourself and control your conversations with ease.

5. Event Management 

Event Management

We're thrilled to introduce a powerful enhancement for managing events. Stay organised and in control with our enhanced event management feature

Whether it's scheduling meetings, planning virtual events, or coordinating work-related events, you can now do it effortlessly within the platform. So if you’re a business owner or event manager, this feature can simplify your task.

6. Smoother User Experience in Common Channels

Common Channels

Now you can engage in a collaborative project or simply reconnect with the team. The act of inviting participants to join your channel has become an effortlessly smooth journey. So you can focus on the conversations that matter most. 

Moreover, our common channels, now offering an even smoother user experience for better collaboration, have been enhanced to foster seamless collaboration and elevate your overall interaction.

Bug Fixes = More Improvements

In addition to these exciting updates, we've also addressed various bug fixes to further improve your overall user experience and interface. These fixes ensure a smoother, glitch-free interaction with our platform.

With these new features and improvements, we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience. We look forward to hearing your feedback and helping you make the most of our platform for improved productivity and seamless communication.

And that's not all. As we iron out the wrinkles with our bug fixes, we're more committed than ever to providing you with the best possible platform.

Ready to experience these fantastic enhancements for yourself? Dive into the future of communication and collaboration with a free project management tool using VirtualSpace.

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